The founder wants to talk to You!


Here, I'd also like to add a word about What Techstamina is Not !

I was asked two questions by my reviewers in this project which actually helped giving Techstamina a distinctive character.

The first was:  Is that some kind of a capacity building program?

Well, actually not, because the idea lacks the rigidity to be one more program that is set by an organization for its employees that sits there without change for a year, Techstamina is more about what concerns, and helps, people of this industry as it happens!

And the second was: Is it one more soft skills camp or university?

My answer: Again, actually  never. It's not that "soft" to be one! because it has its own way in joining the "hard" and the "soft" sides of the career. Let me elaborate here a bit.

I can claim a bit of creativity at that point. I categorize my work in Techstamina under a more inspiring new discipline, that I call “Firm Skills”. The metaphor comes right from our mindset as IT people. We are used to see things as Hardware, Software and Firmware, and lately, and more realistically Peopleware (Techstamina is more affiliated to that last component by the way!). As in Firmware, Techstamina as I saw it in general, is an endeavor to help software people "burn essential" concepts and thoughts much related to their "Hard Skills" into their minds, souls and personalities to help them do what they do better and hopefully more enjoyably and less stressfully.

Watch this term "Firm Skills"!