The founder wants to talk to You!


So, let me introduce  Techstamina  to you ...

Simply put, and I'll elaborate in a minute, Techstamina is my endeavor to help boost performance of software people, and support the team and the organization in climbing the steep ramp in industry challenge.

Before getting downright to the point,  let me tell you a little story here, one that stands behind Techstamina in fact. Lately, during my software project audits particularly over the transition period between two centuries, and whenever I came to a case whereby a project was slowed down, usually by one of our folkloric habits from the waterfall legacy, and when I asked for a status update, I sometimes was outraged by a the PM saying “Business As Usual”!  That was enough to pull my blood pressure outside any instrument range.

To knock down such a mediocre and apathetic atmospheres in such projects that I used to come across, my response was to coin a new business slogan tagging a whole package of professional settings and practices  in the software development process,  with all the rationale behind them,  and I called that Business As Unusual, in offense to the old phrase "Business As Usual". I cited the concept in my first book: The Software Leaders’ Guide: Your way to lead software people. That actually was a first move in my war against mediocrity.  Period.

Over time along that transitional decade between centuries and concepts contemporarily, my  old eyes didn’t miss some findings that seemed to be syndromic in our business, in a way:

  • The increase of customer dominance on the market. Actually that came not only in software but in “every-ware”, if I may call it. That’s in tandem of course with the fierce competition driven by customer dominance, particularly with the outbreak of new cheap computing models mainly represented by clouding and OSF software, 
  • Pressures on the development teams caused by many factors:  the over demanding customer, the pace in technology advancements, complexities inherent in the web as the cradle of our apps with its security and performance issues , are just a few to mention,
  • The waterfall legacy: with all the adversities caused by that folkloric assumption of Predictiveness, while change is blatantly taking the floor.

And the effect? An apathetic environment, in many cases! Degenerating people's morale, Industry's fulfillment and none the less the product quality.

A good population of the industry people see that as what is now known as the Software Crisis. There are debaters of the phenomena, probably because of the immediacy of the term, but you can’t deny it. To lessen the impact, let’s call it at least, the Software Challenge.

My contribution went on, from Business As Unusual  coaching package and a book on software leadership,  to a set of lectures addressing the software developer and the software team, which are now comprising a first draft for a second book and probably a third one.

Then came Techstamina ...

I came up with Techstamina,  as an expert-enthusiast,  as one more step in a war on the Software "Challenge". This time with my effort, like many other industry gurus, directed to the industry and not just my client base, targeting the core of the software process: People,  to help them do what they do better,  more enjoyably and hopefully less stressfully. I deliver that to you as a package of services that all emerge from the site you read or watch me on now. And that includes lectures I gave and give, writings (books and articles) I write and wrote, and videos that summarize all that one way or another.