The Techstamina Concept


Here is a word about the underpinnings for the vision and the mission of Techstamina ...

Have you ever tried to give someone a little challenge by asking him/her the question “What is Software, In one word please?” . If you didn’t, please give it a try!

I did.

With many people I met, whether software people I work with, or  software “consumers” we all serve, the answer was not out of this set: {technology, solution, tool, facility} or maybe something very close that I just can’t recall now. With Technology, of course, representing the majority of hits in the challenge.

In that point in time, with software actually representing , without a bit of exaggeration, the platform of daily human life, hopes , and sometime pains, I think that it became something more lively than that. When I asked myself the same question, I actually distilled my findings over forty years of experience, particularly that since the advent and prevalence  of the Internet , to one simple answer:

Software is People …

If you look a bit deeper into that wonderful intangible, software, you obviously recognize that it is nothing but Dreams (previously Requirements) of people, translated to functionality by People, to serve some community of People.

Let me summarize, although no answer in the previous answer-set is wrong,  to give software the “life” it deserves in a time it really needs the spirit, what describes it best is that it is actually People: from people, by people, to people.

Techstamina is, therefore, is a people-centric initiative, and not just one more  technology-ridden methodology in software development.

The Founder