December 20, 2022

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You promote your geeks to become "leaders", right!

The bitter fact of life is that geeks can never make leaders, the make bureaucratic managers, at best: simply because they lack the power of containment of others.
We end up with bureaucracy, low morale and gloomy environment in our teams, which does not match the spirit of our challenging industry.

This is the reason behind high turn turn over in software development.



December 15, 2022

About Software Issues!

Hi there!

One of the most insisted on mistakes made by us to deal with software development issues is that we just think that solutions come from pouring more and maybe newer technicalities into our process. In most of the cases, this is quite naïve!
Ladies and gentlemen, most of our issues emanate behavioral origin.
Less tan adequate behavior produces nothing but less than adequate goods/services.
Watch humanities in your organization, big or even startup.



August 11, 2020


I really feel thrilled to join efforts with this young active community in their wonderful contributions to the national software industry.

See you there.


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August 10, 2022


Advice for HR's






Dear Techstamina Visitor,


It has been quite sometime since I took the site offline for maintenance! Actually I'm still in a process of incremental Refactoring/Revamping, hoping that each sprint won't take long.


I decided to make the site back online parallel to my site revamp. This may cause you to meet some unusual behavior in limited cases. I think that's better that taking the site into longer silence intervals.


Stay tuned!





July 28, 2022

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Avoid GMP in your self improvement journey!

Know what is that?

Go to see today's quote to avoid this dangerous situation.