My Quotes!


  • Quality and Morale are "mutually inclusive". They feed on each other. When you conquer a complex task, you feel elated, and when you are in good spirits, you are in best position to tackle the difficult. (m.s) 
  • Truly "professional" individuals melt up into a highly professional team. Merely "skilled" individuals don't easily enjoy that bless. (m.s)
  • Leadership is a way to extract the best from people "around you in the work place", not from people "below you in the org chart". There is a difference. (m.s)
  • Can you make "most", if not all, people "enjoy" working beside you, whatever the circumstances? Actually some people could. We call this "Leadership". (m.s)
  • While the world is refuting the "carrot and stick" for motivation, I still see some "managers" insisting on another motivation variant: The "stick only"! (m.s) 
  • Humiliation blocks Creation. Respect liberates It. Period. (m.s)
  • I don't believe in "Recipes of Success". Success it a very personalized experience that may be inspired by others, but will always remain very distinct from others. (m.s)
  • There is a  point in time when a "manager", an organization, or even an individual can rest assured that they need to undergo a process of re-engineering: that's when they believe that quality is costly! (m.s)
  • Experience is "smartly" practiced knowledge. Skill is experience in action. (m.s)
  • Cognitive and creative work are the farthest things from bureaucracy. Any manager, or process, that doesn't recognize that is a big myth. (m.s)
  •  Software Quality is Not that chocolate or whatever sauce that you might prefer that much of on your ice cream, or just opt to leave beside. There should be nothing as to call "quick and dirty" in software anymore, at least after almost half a century of accumulated  knowledge and tools of software engineering. Teams should strive to  know how to implement that to get out of the long-claimed quality-productivity conflict. That's not only possible, but proven. (m.s)
  • Software Team is a critical-mission team. It's leadership is the essence of its success. In software, no -  or poor -  leadership is "disastership". (m.s)
  • No one is really acting without some sort of leadership responsibility. Every developer, even a junior, is some kind of a leader: There is what we call Self-leadership, which is our first, and most crucial, leadership endeavor in our careers. Self-leadership is a synonym of Professionalism. ٍSeeding that professional behavior into us, especially early enough, is the only way to furnish a wide platform for selecting future effective leaders in an organization. (m.s)
  • Self-motivation is a hard thing to achieve. It requires a quality that complicates things for some people: maturity!  (m.s)
  • Human Behavior is far more true than just paper. Learn to behave professionally, then make of your character a "live" C.V. (m.s) 
  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. (Leonardo da Vinci)
  • People are much truer than paper: make a live C.V out of your personality. (m.s)
  • Experience is a gift of “smart” practice. “Smart” practice differs from just practice, it’s not just years, but well-perceived lessons along  them. (m.s)
  • Coding is the art of making one’s self clear to others.  (m.s)
  • You are born to challenge one person for a lifetime: Yourself! This is the essence of the "self-improvement" experience. Learn how to get passionate with that to stand ahead of the row. Or Just wait for your turn. (m.s)
  • In a “World of Business As Unusual”, there is no compromise with effective leadership. The only substitute is called “Disastership”.  (m.s)
  • Don't just do it! Question yourself all the way: What "value" did I add? That's the only way to exist in a world of Business as Unusual. (m.s)






There is nothing to call that she/he was promoted to a leader/ Leadership is not granted from upwards. It is acquired as matter of consensus of followers.


You know what is “Mediocrity”? It’s Very rare when I talk to non-English speaking teams that I find them familiar with the term. If you are in software development and you have no idea of that, then you’re just unaware of your enemy, standing behind 90% of your and your team’s pains!
Let’s define it: It’s the lack of passion of what you do, meaning simply faint performance that impedes creativity. If you are a developer, your task is to build an sort of “internal environment” that helps you crack it. If you are a leader, your task is the same, added to that your responsibility to help others do.


A Customer controlled development project is an early sign of a reactive stance for the development team. This is again an early sign of either failure of limited success


Most progressive organizations strive to increase the overall performance by inserting either advanced technologies or tight processes. what tends to be missed is the enlightened leader that that can motivate and build an environment that leverages technology and the processes introduced. Some processes and technologies allow excellent teams to excel, and some processes and technologies prevent the mediocre from failing. It is the enlightened leader who can tell which approach is required and then build the environment that maximizes its performance.
Gregory H. Mikkelsen.
Integrated Defense Systems, Raytheon



§  One time, innovations in technology used to seep slowly into our business lives. Gradually, they changed pace, and with it the pace of change not only in our businesses but also in our lives be that individuals or communities of any nature. Even our homes and bodies are there in the list!

Today, the pace is beyond imagination, and the transformation is “Tsunamic” if you accept the bizarre term. Digital Transformation is happening, so Transform or Die. Period


You know when we fail? It’s exactly when our goals are out of reach for our Radar beams, or are blurred, or are out of range for  our missiles! Let’s keep them visible on our Radar screens, , viable, trackable and within range for our aiming systems, all the time. This is essential for the right hit.


1 -
لا تطلب الكمال فلن تجده.
2 -
تعامل مع الواقع، و افهم أن الناس مختلفون، و هم لم يخلقوا ليفهموك، و حاول ترويض العيوب فى الآخر قبل التصادم معها.
3 -
أدرك عيوبك أنت أولا، و اعمل على تصحيحها، فليس كل الناس على الخطأ و أنت الأوحد دائما على صواب.
4 -
لا بأس من أن تعمل عند نفسك، و لكنك ستظل دائما على اتصال "بالآخر"، فإن لم تتقن فنون التعامل فستظل دائما فى صراع.