My Quotes!

Great coders are those who got the magic talent of making themselves available even while they are actually absent. (m.s)
  • Knowledge is freedom to think. Experience is courage to act. (m.s)
  • In Any organization, there are three things that need "Management" to control: time, cost, and quality. The fourth and the most crucial to success, however, needs "Leadership" to  enable: that is People. (m.s)
  • Miserable teams cannot have "delighted" customers. Period! (m.s)
  • Do you know what "Business Cancer" is? It's "Fixedness in a madly changing world". (m.s)
  • People who "contribute" most to the turnover in an organizations, are usually those who stick longest with it. (m.s)
  • Effective leadership is not about letting people do what you want them to do. Effective leadership is about enabling your people do the best of their own.  And that's where it gets its "effectiveness" from. (m.s)
  • One of the most valuable learning resources available to us is our mistakes. We may pay for them a lot more than we do for trainings, but we can get from them far more, if we admit them! (m.s)
  • One wonderful KPI I deviced for myself to judge the efficiency of organizational performance: The Number Of Mails Exchanged On a Given Issue, until (hopefully) closed (NOMOI). We have a syndrome I once called "E-mail Wars"!. (m.s)
  • What truly determines one's fitness for leadership is not his/her willingness to lead, it's his eagerness to "serve". (m.s)
  • Experience is born to Knowledge. The father is named "Practice". The "smarter" the parents, the smarter the baby. Simple genetics! (m.s)
  • Some of us are really clever in that OOPS concept called "Ruse". Unfortunately not for code, but for "complaints". (m.s)
  • It'd be stupid if we try to manage a  heavyweight (or complex) process by another heavyweight process. otherwise complexity goes up high and nothing gets done. Software development is a heavyweight process, and managing it with complex processes was responsible for a lot unwanted results for decades. Here lies the Wisdom of Agile as a lightweight process managing a more complex one. (m.s)
  • Talking about change, again.
    We are a change!
    When you go to develop a new system or at least revamp an existing one, you are leading a change.
    In many of our failures, the biggest mistake was that the theater was not prepared for the "Battle of Change". (m.s)
  • Change is the biggest challenge to mankind. 
    When you start a change, you meet two groups of people: Those who will resist you because of a potential loss with the targeted situation, and those who will "not resist you", waiting for a potential gain from the targeted situation.  (m.s)
  • "Change" is not just a new release of a compiler or platform and that's all. Change is more importantly happening in minds, attitudes, customers moods, markets and business needs. That latter happens quietly and more slowly to be noticed only by the visionary. This is where adoption and adaption is needed more than anything else, (m.s)