My Quotes!



  • The one that you usually forget to learn from is YOU! You won’t be able to learn from your own self unless you have that repository of “probably” sketched lessons of failures and successes along your way. That is what deserves to be called Experience.

           ( 31.12.15 - m.s)

  • Don’t be fooled by following steps of others to success. All what you can do is learn to avoid others’ pitfalls to failure, then, the rest will be your own aspiration.

           ( 24.12.15 - m.s)

  • Frustration is the shortcut to nowhere. Period.

          ( 23.12.15 - m.s)

  • The best simulation I see to a software team is an all-weather interceptor-fighter aircraft capable of taking loads while delivering payloads, lifted by two wings: Productivity and Quality. the engine that powers the whole show is Morale.

           ( 17.12.15 - m.s)

  • When you see a team, or manager, thinking of quality as a burden on productivity, rest assured that the disease is in “Readiness”.

           ( 14.12.15 - m.s)

  • One of the most wrongly taken notions, and in the same time accepted, in a development shop is the so-called "idle" time between projects. Could be the name "idle" that leads to that. Most of us take it as a "demobilization" time, whereas it should be taken as "remobilization" time. That's  what makes up our Readiness for the next challenge. Stay alert, people!

           ( 10.12.15 - m.s)

  • When mistakes happen, true leaders must know how to turn blame into advice, repeated mistakes into “mistake quota”, exceeded mistake quota into decisive actions, and finally, failures to potential success.

           ( 3.12.15 - m.s)

  • When sending someone out for requirements, don’t send just anyone with laptop or a ringbook and a pencil. People who discover the battle theatre must be competent enough to come back with information rich enough to start an assault of success.

           ( 26.11.15 - m.s)

  •   The software development craft is much like the hairdressing craft: fashions may change, but the demand is always there. So is the competence and the skill: they make new, or even old, things delight customers! What matters is the skill in the fingers (for hair) and the skill in the minds (software)!

          ( 19.11.15 - m.s)

  •  Whenever I start my day in front my screen, I feel much like a fighter pilot inside his cockpit. I get my engines running, pulling me up steep in a climb to a fierce daily dogfight against some enemy fighter called "frustration". To me , it's  just simply a "be or no be" battle: Either I shoot him down, or no next flight,  the next day.

          ( 12.11.15 - m.s)

  • Imagine this: Effective  HR function in today’s software development organization has the headcount of the complete staff! People of the legacy HR department should now be called The People’s  Department, whereas their function has become mainly enabling all others in there to help the rest to stay energized to achieve.

      ( 5.11.15 - m.s)

  • Early "fear of failure" can be more dangerous than failure itself. Simply, it generates a state of despair that can "realize" failure in cases where the situation is recoverable and failure is still avoidable.

        ( 29.10.15 - m.s) 

  • The ultimate success factor for a software provider, is when he becomes able to turn his service to a client from provisioning to partnership.

(25.10.15 - m.s) 

  • Human behavior lies behind that  phenomenon we call performance. We must learn how to "reshape" behavior in order to control performance.

     (22.10.15 - m.s)

  • In a world of "Business As Unusual", there is no compromise with effective leadership.The only substitute is called "Disastership".

      (21.10.15 - m.s)

  • Don't just do it!
    Question yourself all the way: What "value" did I add?
    That's the only way to exist in a world of "Business as Unusual".

    (19.10.15 - m.s) 
  • We must be agile, before we develop agile. Period.   (16.10. 15 - m.s)
  • We all know that Opportunity is mothered by Risk. Just Please add the father's name:  Agility. That is: Risk + Agility = Opportunity              (15.10. 15 - m.s)

  • One of the best techniques that I've found to make a report unreadable, is to write something in it!  (13.10.15 - m.s)
  • "Far" Dreams that come to fully alerted people are nothing but "Big Goals", they are truly "calls for action", and  , therefore, they are worth the toughest trials. (11.10. 15 - m.s)
  • A day without some improvement, in some direction, of some magnitude, is a step forward towards death. Death is actually nothing but the stoppage of human growth. (m.s)
  • In software projects, delivering Quality is very crucial  to avoid "Quantity" negotiations, that's "Scope" in our case. If you deliver compromised quality from the beginnings, customers exploit the weak position you put yourself in and press for more. That's usually where we all get nowhere. (m.s) 
  • When someone is leading a group of people, he/she is either adding or subtracting from their value, and there is nothing in between. (m.s)