My Quotes!


  •  Have you ever heard about “The Cancer of Leadership”? This is nothing but “Poor Leadership”. It propagates inside the organization from one generation to another, as poor leaderships (actually “null” leaders) create only weaker species of their kind. Actually, it strikes the organization when it ignores the factor of “character” on choosing and developing its leaderships.

(4.12.17 - m.s)

  • Simplicity in a product gives a clear clue to some  excellence in its design process.

(30.10.2017 - m.s)

  • You know something, I used to tell how competent a leader is just from one simple KPI: The faces of his/her people. Miserable or unhappy people reflect a deadly sang in someone's leadership. The funniest fact is that some unworthy so called leaders think it the other way around!

(23.10.2017 m.s)


  • Refactor your life! The golden rule here is "never say except what you do". One of the very basic things that inspire me this is when we talk about “Time Management”. Oh God! when I see some guys preaching it, I feel like listening to a preaching devil! Period.

(6.8.2017 - m.s)

  •  In an orchestra, would it be sufficient for a player to perform just  by reading the notes in the score on the stand right in front of him/her ? Could be, but what’s dropped here is the value of that spirit that adds tangible quality and effect to the melody. This kind of spirit comes only through the role of a leader, here a ”conductor, while the score alone is just the “process”. A process without vivid and lively leadership will miss synergy and the value of common joy in orchestration.

(19.7.2017 - m.s)

  •  You know what is “Toolosis “ (like neurosis)? This is the word I use to describe that  disease of people being obsessed with newness in development tools much more than they are concerned with their ability to excel with the ones they already know. Turning your focus (and your worries) out there to the end product is a sign of maturity. Try to catch with the new as far as it will not absorb your power to employ what you know to engineer better output.

(26.5.2017 - m.s)

  • I’ve always seen an interview, especially of a junior, more than just a "suitability check". It’s an event with a message. That message is not just “How good are you for the job?”, but “How far are you ready to let me make you better with the job?”. Period.

(3.5.2017 - m.s)

  •  The key to a distinct software process in today's business environment is simply "welcoming change". Only those who see change as "opportunity" will distinct, and those who still insist to perceive it as an "obstacle" will, with calm wording, will suffer. So, go ahead and tune your software process for welcoming change, and throw software folklore behind your back.

(20.4.2017 - m.s)

  • If you are keen to win the software development battle of today, you have no other way than winning your "People's Battle". It's not an easy one, because it involves a lot of forward thinking and critique to good old trusts of folkloric recipes.

(11.4.2017 - m.s)


  •  The ultimate success for a software development team is when their end users  become more competent in using their products than those who made it.

(30.3.2017 - m.s)


  • Professional attitude (not just technical competence and experience) should flow, circulate and get refreshed in the software organization like blood in the human body. Software organization is as lively as no other business.  Keeping Professionalism viable  through it at all levels, at all times is the only way to ensure productivity, happiness and maturity of its people. People Re-engineering is the circulatory system that realizes this.

(9.3.2017 - m.s)

  • Our  big problem when we think of  humans is that we usually ignore change and revert mostly  to folklore and traditions rather than science and facts! Think of people today, leaving "filters of the past" behind.

(9.2.2017 - m.s)

  • Most progressive organizations strive to increase their overall performance by inserting either advanced technologies or tight processes. what tends to be missed is the enlightened leader that that can motivate and build an environment that leverages technology and the processes introduced. Some processes and technologies allow excellent teams to excel, and some processes and technologies prevent the mediocre from failing. It is the enlightened leader who can tell which approach is required and then build the environment that maximizes its performance. 

Gregory H. Mikkelsen.
Integrated Defense Systems, Raytheon


  •  The Maturity of an Industry is the big picture of the maturity of its people. In an industry that enjoys such young age average and huge number of newcomers every year, getting those younger minds into mature professional performance becomes a priority for anyone who cares about the quality and reliability of the industry's product. This demographic  rule carries with it a bless and a challenge. The bless is that huge energy  poured  into software development community almost annualy. The Challenge is one of discipline  and  work values. The challenge falls on the shoulders of the seniors to get the juniors on the track, without harshness of impositions.

(5.1.2017 - m.s)