My Quotes!



  • Hey Employers!

People needs surpass their loyalty.


(August 10, 22 - M.S)




  • A great source for Innovation is The "History of Science". Don't skip that "Chapter Zero" in every deep technical book you read, usually about the history of its subject. There, you can meet great minds, see how achievements are made and get inspired by lessons in breaking the paradigms.


(August 8, 22 - M.S)



  • If you still use the old adage of "Business As Usual", rest assured that you are out of touch!

Be convinced and convey to your people that nothing is usual in today's business. Scratch the old adage from your business dictionary and replace it with: Business As Unusual


(August 3, 22 - M.S)



  • One of the most deterring and hampering situations in your self improvement journey is called the Goal-Means Paradox (GMP). This happens when the means you take to reach your goals becomes goals on their own. This is exactly when you lose focus and take more to "learn" than you need to "do".


(July 28, 22 - M.S)



  • When should you know that you've reached such a high skill in coding?

Actually when you feel like as if you are composing music, where you hear the melody before it's even played, with no dissonance there!
By the way, Ludwig Van Beethoven was deaf, but he could "see" his notes played on paper.


(July 26, 22 - M.S)



  •  Software Engineering: The "Science" of software development.
  •  Software Craftsmanship:  The "Art" of software development.


(July 4, 22 - M.S)



  • Jumping in the deep waters is the best way to learn swimming, only if you are brave enough! 

Some people call this "Learning by Doing".


(June 29, 22 - M.S)


  • No team is a team without a "glue" to bond its members, kind of. Otherwise we are talking about just a few of loosely-coupled people. The best team glue is a common target, or even call it destiny, that gives the team its id and fame. Leaders must make it loud and clear "No matter WHO did it, its always WE did it! but never just sit there waiting for fruits to share: Contribute, or vanish".


(June 28, 22 - M.S)


  • For unforeseen number of years to come, the winner employer in the employment market is the one that knows how to grow confidence and fearlessness into hearts and minds of his people.


(June 23 - M.S)



  • Today's Number One enemy to any working community is Uncertainty. It becomes even far more aggressive if (with time) turns out to Fear.
    The message of any effective leader in the time of crunch is to amputate Fear from psyche of his people.


(June 21, 22 - M.S)


  • We sometimes speak of what we have to do more than we act to do it. Some of us like to call that  "Planning".


(June 5, 22 - M.S)



  • Digital Transformation is not going to work before leadership mindset transformation does.


(April 29, 22 - M.S)



  • The world around us is nothing but a complex of "Objects". They generally differ in what they are, their attributes and/or behavior, though some carry some similarities in both. We see these as "Classes" more than just separate objects. To keep the difference, we look at "objects" again as "instances" of some specific attributes or behaviors of their own in their class.
    This is the beauty of the basics of OOPS.



(April 19, 22 - M.S)



  •  A wise employer should never take a "CERIFICATE" for granted, until he sees what it delivers in real world.



    (Jan 31 22 - M.S)



  • Though it is purely procedural and not an OOPL, she is still the mother of all modern PL's.
    Learn it!, and use it to build little apps on leisure time if you can afford it. It will sharpen your coding skills and enlighten your style like no other PL.


       (March 9 21 - M.S)


  • When the apple, in the ever-told story, fell from a tree on his head, Isaac (Newton) unleashed his curiosity to take the world to a new disruptive understanding in physics and later on engineering. Not many will have the same impact, only those who turn their curiosity into knowledge urge, can make a difference to themselves, their teams, organizations, and maybe the world.

(March 2 21 - M.S)

  • In the DX time, disruptions can happen with older technologies, just if you got the right "brains". Distinguished People can make and adapt technologies, but best technologies don't work without people capable of adapting them to their creativity.

 Disruptions in DX times is a people case before anything else.


(January 17 21 - M.S)

  • In any organization, the making of highly skilled individuals does not necessarily lead to success. The point is melting these into real synergetic collaborative "Teams".
A valued team is much more than just a set of valued skills. The catalyst in this individual-to-team reaction is a skill called Leadership.
(January 11  21 - M.S)

  • Leaders are not there to preach. They have to know how to ethically provide advice to their people. Advice penetrates minds if disclosed as well tested experience; "We tried this and it works or we tried that and it never did!".
Avoid getting imperative when telling people what to (or not to) do. Give the guidance and keep an eye on results.
(September 27 - M.S)  

  • Never think that happiness is in a living without problems. First, there is no heaven on earth!

    Real happiness is a result of that satisfaction we get from our continued trials to solve living problems, sometimes with success, and some others with insistence on success.


    (September 11 2020 - M.S)

  • Do you feel that you do what you were born to do? A critical career question that we must face and answer.

    If the answer is yes, then hold your career tight, make it your passion and be generous with what you’re doing there.  Replace complaining at any moment with insistence to keep going ahead. Remember, you are one of the blessed few.

    If the answer is no, Well! That’s a much more complex situation. Needs another talk.

(August 25 2020 - M.S)


  • Effective learning is just like breathing. Together, they keep us alive.

Keep it up, guys!


(August 20 2020 - M.S)

  • Hey there!                 

We need to get some handle on the difference between Growth and Development in anything. Never less in our careers. It's important.

It's actually like what happens with your muscles in the gym. Yeah.

To Grow, means that you increase in bulk and size and get a better look and leave a wow impression on those around you, without much attention to the vitality or power poured in there.

To Develop yourself, means to have growth that reflects real power and benefit for the grown muscles in what they meant do. Outside the gym, that is to act positively on people and ecosystem you are part of. That is the difference.

Development is what makes the difference.


(August 12 2020 - M.S)


  • No one is actually promoted as a leader. What happens when you get a promotion to a "leading position" is that someone on the planet thinks you you can make it. From that moment on, It's only what you do WITH (and TO) your people, what they ARE and what they DO, that grants you true leadership, not just "leading position".
    If you cause such a tangible positive change up there, then you got it. Otherwise, you are just one more "Supervisor", good or bad!
    (July 20 2020 - M.S)

  • Life is a navigation to preferred destinations we call Goals. Goals must stay Visible and clear at all times. This is essential, so that directions can be corrected  and distances to reach them can be recalculated frequently enough.

 You’ll never reach what you can’t see, clearly.

(July 16 2020 - M.S)

  •  Leadership Recipe for Software Team Leaders:

5% Control

35% Team enablement

30% Team performance monitoring

30% People coaching on performance and behavioral issues.

   Enjoy your meal, leaders!


(July 8 2020 - M.S)

  • What you can learn in weeks of a crisis, if you can, is worth what you learn in decades of the good times.

  My Corona master lesson.

(Apr 8 2020 - M.S)

  • Reaching a client fast with workable chunks of true functionality is what reaches his mind, heart and pocket!
    This is what we need to "overwhelm" the customer.
    Reaching a client with scary stacks of elegant reports that no one (except you) will ever read just disengages the customer and complicates things, further.
    That's why waterfall fails where agile wins in service market.
    Reduce lead time and get to customers fast, and clean.

(Mar 24 2020 - M.S)


  • As far as Quality is considered, Markets are actually living creatures, they see, feel and smell good and bad quality, and they also love people who deliver high quality. Moreover, Quality  (bad or good) is branding. So, do all what you can to keep a high quality record, and win the market's love.

(Mar 12 2020 - M.S).

  • The Great Trio: Knowledge, Experience and Competence.

Experience is "smartly practiced" knowledge that shortens the path to doing things, once acquired.
Competence is "practices Experience" that shortens that path to doing things distinctively.
(Mar  8 2020 - M.S)

  • Handcuffs on our wrests will never take us to excellence! So is Quality. Quality should be taken as Drive to the better, and not as a Constraint on deliverables.

(Feb 18 2020 - M.S)

  • Overwhelming The Customer has turned out to be a necessity for businesses to thrive in today's business world. It's a kind of orchestration in a game the whole organization has to play together, Period.

(Feb 5 2020 - M.S)

  • Business As Unusual!

    A little less than a decade ago, even before the digital tsunami blows on the tech,  I coined  that  new slogan to replace the old idiom of "Business As Usual" , which I saw by no means adequate for technology business, especially when it was said in the context of something getting stuck, somehow, somewhere. The

    A little linguistic pun, but it’s now worth keeping in mind.

    (Jan 29 2020 - M.S)

  • Boredom at work attacks only those who are not concerned about continuous improvement for what they're doing. Period.

"Thinking Improvement" is the best boredom killer.

(Jan 23 2020 - M.S)

  • Quality All-in-one definition:

    It’s that attribute of a product that allows its user to use it Productively, Safely, Easily  and “Happily”.

(20.1.2020 - M.S)

  •  The Four Challenges in Team Leading:
    1 - The Age challenge
    2 - The Gender challenge (culture-specific)
    3 - The Knowledge challenge
    4 - The Character challenge
    Effective team leading means that you can take these, tame them and Go Ahead.

(14.1.2020 - M.S) 

  • ِAlong the hierarchy of an organization, there once was what was called The Chain Of Command. That was nothing but that line that connecting different levels of management in the authority structure. I'd prefer a change in this terminology that reflects the Leadership Shift in today's management model.Actually, that Chain of Command should be replaced. What takes its place and changes its role is a Chain of Enablement. The Impact has been found to be huge on vitality, productivity and satisfaction of the people with what they do.

(12.1.2020 - M.S) 

 People with Positive Attitude are those who by nature look for solutions to problems. Those of Negative Attitude are ones who create (if don't find) problems for solutions. The First category is able to extract success from within failures. The other one finds success in turning any new endeavor into a "new" failure.

The "sign" of our attitude, makes the difference. Period.
(8.1.2020 - M.S)

“Planning is everything. Plans are nothing.”
— Field Marshal Helmuth Graf von Moltke

The essence of what the great strategist says is that a Plan is a dynamic data structure, that we must keep viable by keen and continuous update with field data and corrective actions.
There is nothing to call "One time plan". This is again the quintessence of Agility.
            (1.1.2020 - M.S)
  •  On top of the challenges in leading people in cognitive innovative type of work comes in the wise balance between Enablement and Control. Enablement is a necessity for this type of work, but it should never mean chaos. Control must be somehow in the mixture, but it should not mean authority or lead to dreariness.

Keeping the right balance of both elements is a top skill for leading software teams, in particular.

    (26.12.2019 M.S)

  • A culture of Innovation is simply one that does not rest in the tender palms of the Status Quo. It's driven only by restless brains that can derive the future from within the challenges of the present.
    (18.12.2019 - M.S)

  • Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.


  • Unlike what they are in social life, in business the First Impression is usually the Last!

    The first engagement with a customer, in particular, is decisive to your  professional image, your company's and your offerings' in his eyes. Do your best that you, and whatever you offer, overwhelm your customer without a glitch. Otherwise, you are in defensive stance to the rest of your relation.

(5.12.2019 - M.S)

  • Leadership should not involve preaching! Instead, it should adopt showing good examples for followers to admire, and then follow.

(2.12.2019 - M.S)

  • Holacracy is the model of choice to achieve organization-level agility badly needed in today’s development environment, whereby a Holarchy replaces the "beloved" old bureaucratic thing called hierarchy.

Holacracy sees the organization as a set of collaborating Holons: Self-governed, autonomous and enabled teams.
So, No more bureaucracy in development, please.

It’s the biggest pain for cognitive, innovative work, Please! 

          (24.11.2019 - M.S)


  • We software people, both employing and employed, can easily fit into two main species: Career Builders and Job Snatchers.

    Builders are those seeking a well-balanced "developmental" work relation that targets the best interest of both sides and lasts long enough to make a positive difference for both.

    Snatchers, when employers, usually look for people that fill in some vacancies to get some job(s) done, but nothing more.

    And when they, snatchers, are on the employee side, they are just looking for job, not a career, lasting short enough to immaturely jump to a next vacancy somewhere. The makings of a career comes next, and actually never comes.

    When builders meet builders, this is exactly when chemistry plays best for a developmental process to occur. That is a win-win situation.

    When snatchers are involved on either side of any employment equation, rest assured that a conflict lies ahead shortly enough. No matter the benefits that may seem to either party. On the longer run this is a lose-lose situation.

  Avoid the snatchers!

(14.11.2019 - M.S)


  • We all like a word appreciation. It keeps us energized, right? But rest assured that the most meaningful, valuable and the scarce to get in the same time is that from your peer(s).  Actually, it reflects quite a lot about the maturity of your professional behavior as a team worker. Period. 


(10.11.2019 - M.S)

  • The biggest pitfall in our mentality today is when we think according to the old adage that says “Business As Usual”.

 Never do or say that, it's not for us!

I’ve coined my modern equivalent for technology people: "Business As Unusual". It works better for our case!


  (7.11.2019 - M.S)


  • Historically, the software organization has evolved through three main stages: The Labor Capital organization, then the Human Capital Organization  to mature recently (supposedly) to the Talent Capital Organization.
    The first transformation (from "labor” to “human” ) happened when some players distinguished what they do as cognitive type of work, and not just “work”.
    The  second uprising (from "human” to “talent”) came when fewer players started to reevaluate our type of work as innovative creative activity.
    The best employer to join is of course that who admits talent capital as a business strategy, maybe followed by the human capital organizations.

   We need to be aware of this fact, and find ways spot those who crossed the stage of "Labor Capital".

   (4.11.2019 - M.S)


  • Process alone, however precise and strictly enforced, will not bestow quality on products/services. Quality is actually fostered not only by competence but even by behavior of people in charge of the job. Quality is a human desire to self-actualize, in the first place.

   (1.11.2019 - M.S)

  •   Decades ago, the big west (U.S) once invaded the global culture with film making industry. Now it's doing it with "Tech Making" in place of film making. Gates, Jobs, Musk and so on are the new Peck, Quinn, Pacino, De Niro (and you name him/her) , and Silicon Valley is the new Hollywood!

   A rebirth for a new industry invading the hearts, the minds, the pockets and even the bodies.

   (24.10.2019 - M.S)

  •  If you don’t get performance somehow "measurable", you may get it somehow “miserable”. Period.

   (22.10.2019 - M.S)

  • You know when we fail? It’s exactly when our goals are out of reach for our Radar beams, or are blurred, or are out of range for  our missiles! Let’s keep them visible on our Radar screens, , viable, trackable and within range for our aiming systems, all the time. This is essential for the right hit.

   (22.10.2019 - M.S)

  • Technology people live in the middle of unstoppable blast of attractive buzzwords. But what really matters is changing some of the nicest of these buzzwords into useful realities.

    (17.10.2019 - M.S)


  • The Tail of The Three “Ships”!

    In our productive lives as software people, there are three “ships” that we must master how to sale in the troubled water in order to reach success in every stage of our careers. These are: Craftsman”ship”, Leader”ship” and Teammate”ship”. Study the three “ships” and make sure that you can navigate them to the right destination along your career journey.

(10.10.2019 - M.S)

  • An Organization is doomed for failure once it fails  to differentiate between "policies"  and "politics". Period.

(24.9.2019 - M.S)

  • Building Capacity is a buzzword that grabbed organizations' attention for decades. Just great,  that's essential , but! Now Time has come to speak Building Loyalty  ahead. Defining loyalty is a challenge on its own. More challenging is charting a safe and sure course to reach it. We usually take folkloric ideas to do that which often, and particularly under contemporary changes, take us nowhere.

   Software People: Please Think Human Capital.


   (28.8.2019 -  M.S)

  • There is no harm whatsoever if your power is gasping behind your goals, even if you don’t achieve them. The gain is still there, and is really huge though very subtle: It’s "unleashing your powers"!

    So never get shaken, and keep your stamina up! Rest assured that other, and may be greater, goals are always there, awaiting for your achieve. Just go and get'm.


          (17.1.2019 - m.s)

  • Tough targets avail themselves to those who really insist. And if they don't - the targets - they often come back with better alternatives to those who deserve. Call this the "Law of Perseverance".

   (24.12.2018 - m.s)

  • It’s crucial that we, especially those of us newly joining development market as professional developers, differentiate between a “job” and “a career”. A Career is a continuous  path of developing professional skills, attitude and character that should end up with improvement in someone’s life as a whole. A Job is just a point along that path.

When you join an employer, pick that who is offering you a Career, not just a Job.

   (21.11.2018 - m.s)

  •  No one is too big to fall. And no one is too small to begin. Once the good reasons are there. Period.

 (4.11.2018 - m.s)

  • Software delivery is a battle! While in war battles destroy for victory, in development they build for a win. The software delivery battle, unlike that in war, strives to end as win - win and not win - lose. Our enemy is, certainly, not the customer, it's actually the notion of "failure". The Idea of battling, therefore, suggests borrowing some damn well tested tactics from warfare to software project management. This little trick, when used tactfully, sharpens performance of people and enhances their sense of value in what they do. Guaranteed!

(14.10.2018 - m.s)


  • Watch this important software team leading formula (or better "constraint"):

Leadership -  Maturity = Disaster(s)

Where "maturity" does NOT imply Age  , but implies Team Containment.

(10.7.2018 - m.s)

  • Diversity can simply mean vitality. Teach  your team people how to recruit their differences, and help them to harmonize and synchronize.

(13.6.2018 - m.s)

  • If you're one of those who love to get motivated by carrots, then you must agree to to be controlled by a stick! Carrots and sticks are two wings of that same old motivation strategy that fits only in a circus. See what motivates you, to know if you deserve to be autonomous and enabled in a job.

(9.5.2018 - m.s)

  • One time, innovations in technology used to seep slowly into our business lives. Gradually, they changed their pace, and with it, the pace of change not only in our businesses but also in our lives be that individuals or communities of any nature. Even our homes and bodies are there in the list! Today, the pace is beyond imagination, and the transformation is “Tsunamic” if you accept the bizarre term. Digital Transformation is happening, so Transform or Die. Period.

(12.4.2018 - m.s)

  • Experience is “smartly” practiced knowledge. Practice alone does not fruit Experience, unless it’s really smart. Smart practice happens only when we learn from what  we do, and crop lessons out of that as individuals and/or teams. This  process of self guidance accumulates valuable nuggets of do’s and don’ts along the way of our practice, which really makes our practice worth calling  Experience.

(10.4.2018 - m.s) 

  •  If you are unable, or unwilling,  to change something in a business, just call it a "Culture"! "Culture" is one of the most abused words in business today. Period.

(24.3.2018 - m.s)

  • Pareto's Law, or the Law of  The Vital Few, or the (20/80) rule applies to development teams like it does in almost all other communities: 80% of the outcome is mostly contributed  by the 20% of the working community. It's a leadership essential to be able to discover those contributors through keen observation, free of any biases or prejudices, polish their competence for leadership and delegate for increasingly sounding leadership tasks. This should not replace efforts to help the rest to promote their competence and desire to catch up with the few, depending on their capacities and desires to be there.

(24.3.2018 - m.s)

  • Hey Software Managers!

"Deadlines" should not mean "Dead People" in any way. Learn the art of taming pressures and turning them into bearable challenges. Period.

(2.1.2018 - m.s )