My Quotes!

  • Building Capacity is a buzzword that grabbed organizations' attention for decades. Just great,  that's essential , but! Now Time has come to speak Building Loyalty  ahead. Defining loyalty is a challenge on its own. More challenging is charting a safe and sure course to reach it. We usually take folkloric ideas to do that which often, and particularly under contemporary changes, take us nowhere.

   Software People: Please Think Human Capital.


   (28.8.2019 -  M.S)


  • There is no harm whatsoever if your power is gasping behind your goals, even if you don’t achieve them. The gain is still there, and is really huge though very subtle: It’s "unleashing your powers"!

    So never get shaken, and keep your stamina up! Rest assured that other, and may be greater, goals are always there, awaiting for your achieve. Just go and get'm.


                                 (17.1.2019 - m.s)

  • Tough targets avail themselves to those who really insist. And if they don't - the targets - they often come back with better alternatives to those who deserve. Call this the "Law of Perseverance".

   (24.12.2018 - m.s)

  • It’s crucial that we, especially those of us newly joining development market as professional developers, differentiate between a “job” and “a career”. A Career is a continuous  path of developing professional skills, attitude and character that should end up with improvement in someone’s life as a whole. A Job is just a point along that path.

When you join an employer, pick that who is offering you a Career, not just a Job.

   (21.11.2018 - m.s)

  •  No one is too big to fall. And no one is too small to begin. Once the good reasons are there. Period.

 (4.11.2018 - m.s)

  • Software delivery is a battle! While in war battles destroy for victory, in development they build for a win. The software delivery battle, unlike that in war, strives to end as win - win and not win - lose. Our enemy is, certainly, not the customer, it's actually the notion of "failure". The Idea of battling, therefore, suggests borrowing some damn well tested tactics from warfare to software project management. This little trick, when used tactfully, sharpens performance of people and enhances their sense of value in what they do. Guaranteed!

(14.10.2018 - m.s)


  • Watch this important software team leading formula (or better "constraint"):

Leadership -  Maturity = Disaster(s)

Where "maturity" does NOT imply Age  , but implies Team Containment.

(10.7.2018 - m.s)

  • Diversity can simply mean vitality. Teach  your team people how to recruit their differences, and help them to harmonize and synchronize.

(13.6.2018 - m.s)

  • If you're one of those who love to get motivated by carrots, then you must agree to to be controlled by a stick! Carrots and sticks are two wings of that same old motivation strategy that fits only in a circus. See what motivates you, to know if you deserve to be autonomous and enabled in a job.

(9.5.2018 - m.s)

  • One time, innovations in technology used to seep slowly into our business lives. Gradually, they changed their pace, and with it, the pace of change not only in our businesses but also in our lives be that individuals or communities of any nature. Even our homes and bodies are there in the list! Today, the pace is beyond imagination, and the transformation is “Tsunamic” if you accept the bizarre term. Digital Transformation is happening, so Transform or Die. Period.

(12.4.2018 - m.s)

  • Experience is “smartly” practiced knowledge. Practice alone does not fruit Experience, unless it’s really smart. Smart practice happens only when we learn from what  we do, and crop lessons out of that as individuals and/or teams. This  process of self guidance accumulates valuable nuggets of do’s and don’ts along the way of our practice, which really makes our practice worth calling  Experience.

(10.4.2018 - m.s) 

  •  If you are unable, or unwilling,  to change something in a business, just call it a "Culture"! "Culture" is one of the most abused words in business today. Period.

(24.3.2018 - m.s)

  • Pareto's Law, or the Law of  The Vital Few, or the (20/80) rule applies to development teams like it does in almost all other communities: 80% of the outcome is mostly contributed  by the 20% of the working community. It's a leadership essential to be able to discover those contributors through keen observation, free of any biases or prejudices, polish their competence for leadership and delegate for increasingly sounding leadership tasks. This should not replace efforts to help the rest to promote their competence and desire to catch up with the few, depending on their capacities and desires to be there.

(24.3.2018 - m.s)

  • Hey Software Managers!

"Deadlines" should not mean "Dead People" in any way. Learn the art of taming pressures and turning them into bearable challenges. Period.

(2.1.2018 - m.s )