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Medhat Sabry



Founder of Techstamina

12 Mona Street from AL-Ansar Dokki, Giza, Graeter Cairo 12615 Egypt

Phone: +201222176849

Mobile: +201222176849

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Other information:

Medhat is the founder of Techstamina.

Contact him directly for any subject regarding the content and articles and or/suggestions you may contribute to Techstamina.

Medhat Sabry Korayem (Bsc. Aero. Engineering, 1973)

With a little less than forty years  of engagement in the IT business, covering almost all aspects of Software Development and Delivery processes as well as Consulting Services,  both in local and international markets,  Medhat has built his own profound experience and skills to deliver advice and lead quality enhancement and performance improvement initiatives and policies inside the Software Development Factory.

For the last decade or so,  Medhat ‘s main focus was endeavoring a non-stop effort to develop ways to help the software people and organizations to excel , by extending development methodologies a  mile  ahead of  traditional Software Engineering practices by pouring more emphasis on the performance of the  most valuable asset in the talent-oriented business of Software Development:  its People.

Medhat is an author of a  book, with a second already under publishing, that encompass his views and practices in leading the development teams and preparing the distinguished professional developer.