Site Organization

Have you ever heard about the triple-P, or for short 3P, model of the software organization? This is actually the model I created to simulate the anatomy of the software body of knowledge that I want to bring to you through Techstamina, and I organized the site accordingly. The P’s in the 3P model are:

  • the People
  • the Project
  • the Process

Can that mean something that Techstamina wants to express to you?

Actually it should!

As you can see People, that’s us,  come first and on top  of the trio, then comes the Project which we are all here to serve. The Process stands actually last, not for any reason except that a well-defined process must be always  there  in the backend, not the frontend,  to support people in their success with their projects. W should always perceive the process as the means and not the goal on its own.

Techstamina, guys, is people-centric,  that’s the theme! And that’s the core of the stuff.

I added one more section that I don’t want you to miss, indeed: The one on the Business As Unusual concept. The term is my slogan, as you probably know,  that I devised for my students and co-workers to start thinking differently with the new pace in the industry and let aside the mediocrity and impassionate execution. Then I further engineered the section as :

  • Business Paradigm shifts, and
  • Techstamina Quotes

The title is self-explanatory to the content, so no need to exhaust you with any further illustrations, just a little advice I leave you with: this section is the moral shelter under which I created Techstamina as my contribution to my fellow developers and software people, so it’s a kind of a spirit of the whole thing.

That’s what we have, for now, comrades!

And  as bonus, I recently have added a section to the Triple-P Chapter: The VTips, or the Video Tips. There you will find some short videos that impart cerian useful tips, or stir up some ideas to think about, and come back to in more elaborate articles/videos. 

That's for now.