Major Pitfalls A Business Analyst Must Avoid



Congrats everybody, you won the contract!

Everybody deserves a warm applause, the project is kicked off, roles are assigned and some specialist  is set to take off  her/ his mission as the Business Analysts. I’ll call him/her BA to the end of this article,

Well, we all expect BA, so does BA herself, to do a fine job in laying down a clear well defined set of requirements as use cases or stories for the rest of the team to estimate, blue print and realize. Unfortunately it’s just here where starts a series of pitfalls that everyone with BA ahead of all has to watch for.

Where is that? Read on.

The Hidden Part of The Mission

It’s not only about requirements. It’s, and before all, about building customer trust! The message that “You’ve made the right decision choosing us to realize your business dreams” must go subliminally to the customer so that he starts to gain confidence that he is in the right hands. This is very crucial to get things smoother for the rest of the project. Remember that building software to any given wish list is truly a rough ride, where some conflicts and/or misunderstanding can easily happen along the way. This is exactly where you will need this bridge of trust to cross them to end of the road on time.

But why BA and not PM, PS and Sales team?

Well, everyone has his role to play to extend the bridge of trust between your team and the customer. But intensity on customer’s awareness, if we can call it, differs from role to another.

Sales people are usually seen as promising more than realizing. PS guys are more committed, but still far from starting the real show. PM’s are closer to the reality in the consciousness of the customer and their behavior contributes significantly to building the required trust, however they look more as orchestrating the job rather than doing it. BA is the first role that a customer sees taking things from dreams  to reality, with more responsibility in leaving the customer under that comfortable feeling about your company being his provider.

Thus, understanding this part of his job is crucial for BA to prepare the customer for a smoother or less bumpy trip to the his final destination. Now let’s see some pitfalls that can degrade the quality of the job done by BA, and with that the quality of anything you can think of in the project.

Just a little remark before we sale farther, this is not an article about Business Analysis techniques. It’s actually about how BA should be implementing those techniques in doing a distinguished job. In other words, he/she can be very competent with his/ her tools, but without noticing what we will discuss here, her/his job may not reach the desired level of excellence, which is (as we pointed out earlier)  most crucial for a smooth running of  the successful development process.