Dangerous Process Anomalies We Often Overlook - 2


Here we are again to meet a second anomaly in practiced software development. To tell you the truth, what we will consider here as  anomaly in development had not been really considered so until very recently , actually until serious technology market  transformation evolved.

Have you ever thought of any anomalies in success? I don’t think so. But the truth is that there is such thing that can hit success and cause it to become shallow, that is simply short acting rather than long acting. To make things clear let’s look at success in general, then see what anomalies in our perception to it may turn of that “shallow” nature. Then examine what to do to turn it back to a long lasting experience to our customers, teams and organizations.

Success, Defined

It’s for decades now, since business recruited the term Project as it is used today, that success of a project or product meant the ability of the provider, or producer, to achieve three things at once:

  1. Deliver the contracted product/service on time
  2. Finish the whole contact  within the planned budget, and
  3. Meet customer expectations in acquiring this service/product from this provider.

No one can deny the difficulties we all meet to get these three parameters under control and finish a project with good values there.  The first two parameters have the advantage of being “quantitative” by nature, so they remain unarguable. The third is qualitative but still can be quantified with relevant measuring techniques. Irrespective of qualification, it is the third dimension of success, customer satisfaction, that should grab our worries more in today’s market conditions.  But Why?

Actually, with fierce competition and the noise caused by ads and reports on products and services flowing over media and social networks round the clock, gaining a new customer has become a  great opportunity that must be respected and developed more than ever before. Then, if you get success in the first two dimensions, but care less about the third, then your success can be called shallow, i.e. lacking the depth to insure that it can be reproduce in the future.

One more  thing that I’ve noticed taking place in tandem with success as we defined for ages. It’s actually “Happiness”! Is anything abnormal or bad about that? I’d say yes! In many cases, the state of euphoria that happens to the teams, especially in tough experiences, puts behind the learning experience that should be taken from that given success. We, as humans, are used to stop only and pause on failure, while on success we actually celebrate more than stop by to learn.

In short, succeeding on time and budget and just meeting expectations, without much emphasis on the customer impressions and the learning experiences conjugate to “a” success, makes success less industrious and legible of being reproduced and improved in the future.

So, let’s discuss two things that will elevate our experience with success.