On Quality: Quick and Perfect! - VI

It’s been a long time before I come back to you on this series on software quality in today’s creativity-driven perspective. I hope you recall at least the Principle of Economic Perfection, and the meaning and pillars  for what I called Readiness in development in the previous five articles.  These are our bridge from the no-longer-valid doctrine of “Quick and Dirty” to the more vivid and agile concept of “Quick and Perfect” that must lead the way to quality in today’s world of Business As Unusual.

In this closing article, let’s examine the more human side of quality’s new perspective as "best trial towards perfection". One that I can claim should lead others when talking about quality, although it is, maybe, the most neglected.

Modern findings of eminent behaviorists Deci & Ryan, dating back as early as the mid 1970’s, define three innate psychological needs that yearn to be satisfied in order to motivate humans: Autonomy, Competence and Relatedness. This is the basic outcome of what they called the Self Determination Theory or SDT, which has served very successfully in understanding what motivates humans in general, and especially those more engaged with cognitive work involving skill  in creativity and problem solving: that’s where exactly we live,  no hassle! Deci and Ryan’s findings matched respectable trials before and after them that largely solidified  the same scientific grounding.

Let me leave two motivators or needs of the three for now, and take one that I’ve seen relevant and most contributing to the health of our psyche: Competence. What is the proof of one’s competence of something she does? It’s simply the quality of what he delivers. What happens if you deliver a unit of code and your testers say “Perfect”. You simply turn back, most enthusiastically, to the next, no matter how late it may be!

Let me put it straight here, ladies and gentlemen, The Quality of what we do, is behind our morale in anything we do. Nothing hardens our relations with our more jobs than enabling and supporting us to reach a level of quality that can hardly be degraded by others.  It’s been always seen that people pushed to produce “dirty” work under the claims of “quickness” hate their jobs,  experience feeling of littleness and lead truly unhealthy lives. This is not what we work for.

This is the human dimension of quality as perfection.

And that ends my series on “Quick and Perfect”.

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