Understanding Complexities in The Software Process


This topic is for all software people alike. I urge you all, cordially, to read Techstamina Vision ahead of reading this, or even anything else of the content. The way you see your job, perhaps, will change! I love what we do, and I do it with passion. I hope you do, too. Period.

Sometimes we take things for granted, and let behind some facts that are very important in drawing the holistic picture of something vital to our lives: our careers. We all know that our process is complex, and we in many cases touch it even daily. But that’s not enough, It’s important to study where the complexities are inherent in our process, in order to be able to simplify life rather than just keep complaining of side effects such as pressure, boredom and anxiety. This article sheds light on software complexities.

 Here you are.