Bridging The Generational Divide in The Workplace

And Finally, The Cultural Touch

One important factor we need to regard before we conclude this treatise is the effect of the  prevailing social culture in the considered community.

Actually, some parts of the world still consider age a major determinant  in shaping  relations between individuals. This can be a matter of cultural heritage or other specific doctrines, where the relation gets very “parental” in nature not only within the family or general social boundaries  but even in the business workplace. On the other side of the world, this relation enjoys more freedom and looks more flat than hierarchical. This, again, is carried over from the general social structures to the business domain.

What I can say here, from my personal findings over years, is that the gap between these two cultural worlds is getting narrower than ever before, due to the smashing effect of globalization. This effect takes a good magnification ratio when you transform the case to the  technology space, where people are very much shaped by similar educational and cognitive characteristics. That makes free the ideas I exchanged here, to a great extent, from that social influence.

For honesty’s sake, however , the Generational Gap could be more challenging to bridge in those more “conservative” social systems, because of that parental nature of social relations. This actually puts more burden on the shoulders of the  X’s and Y’s to provide the understanding and wisdom to reshape it.


Well, we have covered the generational divide for those who may have experienced it. As said before, if you are a startup, or near one-generation operation and you don’t feel it now, you will feel it in the future, closer than you think. Note that the differences in technology  generations are getting “thinner” than the chronological or demographic ones. Technology is revolutionized may more than once in one aspect or another every couple of years and that may, in turn, foster the creation of new generations in knowledge while not in age. Think of it! Consider your generational map, then try to spot the divide and implement some of suggestion to bridge it, or get inspired to develop something of your own. You will get smoother, happier and wiser operation.