The Era of People Re-engineering - Page 3

 Aha, Not Me, I’m a “Show me the cash” Type of Person!

The title of this section is what you normally hear from high paced leaders that are haunted by the financial capital indicators alone. They, the very same people, are usually screaming of troubles in getting their ROI value straight  because of problems in their QPS vectors.

The slide you see right above is my answer. Where does cash flow come from? If you are productive and delivering quality up to your customer satisfaction you get your money in time. That’s cash flow. And, if you enhance your people stability (the S element), you reduce the huge  losses of turnover: repeated hiring costs, ramp-up time and its delays for the new hires, never to forget the lateral impact on people morale, hence quality and productivity.  One thing that is also a definite loss here is the branding of your organization as a ”turnover company”. You become an undesired destinations for craftsmen/women, rendering your turnover and hiring process a real mess.

Actually, what those high paced executives must know is that things have changed from the time they were entering business. Thinking Human Capital, and not just Financial Capital, in this industry has become more important than ever before. Look at that point called “Today” in the timeline slide  in this article, to see that any decision owner in software today finds herself facing a crucial decision, either to continue with S.E. BPE/R alone, or to turn his attention more towards the new era of people-centric development. The decision is yours!