The Era of People Re-engineering



The People Re-engineering is surely new to your ears, though you may have heard that as something like Peopleware, or as a firm’s name rather than an industry term indicating a concept. We are all used to terms like Systems Engineering /Re-engineering, Business Process Engineering/ Re-engineering or (BPE and BPR) and may be some more derivatives of that, but not this one. In this article, I try to articulate what the new concept means, how it evolved, and in what way it should affect the software development organization.

The article is based on a presentation I used to give on the concept to software executives, where I’ve selected the key slides for display here, combined with the relevant comments and/or explanations. Take It as a printed briefing presentation, more or less!

The Software Crisis, Revisited

The table above presents a yield of development industry for the last 5 years as expressed by the Standish Group CHAOS Report 2015. There could be debates from some watchers about the methodology that the Standish people are using to gather data and derive results, but to me and to a wide segment of this cult the report is still the most significant source of data about how we are doing in this industry. On the other hand, I personally find it very representative to what we see on the ground during our daily practice.

So, if we look deeply into the “full success” figures (on schedule, on budget and to customer satisfaction), which should be the target of any serious operation  here, we find that we are an “Industry in A Challenge”, if not in Crisis. We are struggling to keep our full success rate at 30% of what we do. Full discussion for the reasons is beyond the space here, but let me summarize that as an increasing complexity of the type of applications we do, the technologies we use, the threats we meet and finally and most importantly the stresses that all that causes on the young minds that are supposed to achieve under all that, sometimes in insanely tight schedules!