Software Team: Management or Leadership? - Part I

In a series of two articles, We will try to shed light on the organic relation between the software process and leadership, to see how far can leadership help in providing a more effective ecosystem for software people to deliver. This part examines management versus leadership, in general. Part 2 will look at what makes software people actually leadership-thirsty, applying the theme of leadership to software development process specific needs.

Is Leadership just one more buzzword, that will take its time and then fade out, like many other fads of this industry? Actually not! The shift from management to  leadership is not just a matter of “more fashionable way of managing”, it is certainly one of the developmental stages of human culture in business, representing a well-marked paradigm shift changing the role of today’s managers from “controllers” to “enablers”. I urge you very much to read about Paradigm Shift in the Business As Unusual  Section of Techstamina.