PDP What and Why is that?


Important Note!

Since the first publishing of this content, a lot was going on the People Re-engineering front in developing software people, leaders and teams and preparing them for the Digital Development wave.

So,  this content here is now revamped under the new more realistic and vivid title of Craftsmanship.  There are a lot of extras along, but I opted to leave the older content for now as far as the  purpose is maintained with no contradictions. 

See you.




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No one can deny that software development is one of the most demanding careers of today. We are the people of Deadlines, living under market pressures, technology challenges and customer demands most of our time.  We must develop strategies to trim all that so as to be able to create and innovate even under the most pressing work circumstances.

I’ve designed The Professional Developer Program, PDP, targeting  you mainly: the software developer, whether junior or senior, to help you build your stamina in this tough career, so as to enable you of three  things:

  • Build (if you are a novice) or improve (if you are not a novice) your  professional character.
  • Impress your customer,  employer, whether this comes in a job you already take, or an interview to get a new one, and
  • Do what you do better, more enjoyably and less stressfully.

So if you are a leader a bit above direct craftsmen and women, please be my guest too, this program will help you set up a better picture about how your people should look like and help them getting there. When you lead true professionals, your leadership task becomes more meaningful, more effective, and less troublesome in every way.

PDP is made up of 7 lectures (there may be more down the way), let’ take a look at what’s there:

Lecture 1: Understanding the Basics of Professionalism

Defines the what, the why and the how for Professionalism as a means to impress customers, employers and leaders alike.

Lecture 2: On Software Quality

Let’s discuss how software quality should be perceived differently from quality in any other discipline. Then we can put our hands on the way to solve the paradox between quality and time, or perfection and cost.

Lecture 3: Work Pressure

Who doesn’t suffer it in software? That's work pressure, for sure.

Deadlines, deadlines, till we may become “dead ones”, not lines! Let’s get a closer look on the nature and sources of work pressure and learn some tactics to beat its dragging effect on our bodies, minds, lives and products.

Lecture 4: Collaboration and Teaming

What’s a Team indeed? What difference does it make in software teaming from teaming elsewhere? How to use teaming as a tool to beat hardships a software project?

Lecture 5: Life with Coding

This can be also be called life with “development”  rather than just “coding”. However, I use coding as the most representing  to what we do as craftsmen of any kind in SP (Software Process). What we do, be that coding or the like is pervasive to our lives. We must learn tactics to give ourselves the power to stand the fatigue and keep delivering.

Lecture 6 and 7: The two important Selfies in Professionalism

We all know Selfie in modern photography, why not know about and use two other great Selfies:

Selfie-(self) organizing and Selfie (self)-motivation? Both concepts add a new dimension to your professional character, and give a boost to your value in what you do.

And as I said, you will benefit from that as an employee heading for good starting point in the career, or a review of your path with it, or if you are an employer helping your staff to toughen up facing challenges in SP. I'd recommend PDP also as a qualification program for new comers stepping into an organization. This sets performance standards assisting expectations between and employee and employer, something like A "Code of Performance. You will find some short takes of some of the hot spots in this program as articles and videos along the way in Techstamina.com, but if you wish to register for the complete program, kindly mail to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Left to say that this PDP  is Not one more soft skills program, it comes under  the umbrella of two concepts that I’ve devised for us in software: Business As Unusual and Firm ٍٍٍSkٍills. Learn more about the two innovations by being my guest on either Techstamina.com, or MedhatSabry Techstamina YouTube Channel. You will find articles and materials discussing that there.

Wait for more on Professionalism for Software People.