The founder wants to talk to You!

Now, A Word About the Name ....

As you can feel it, the name is a conjoining of the two words: Technology and Stamina into one new, and purposeful  term.

The catch here is not about Technology (tech), it’s in Stamina. My school of thought , over practice, prices endurance never less than technical skills in this industry. Here the stamina component plays its role to express that Techstamina is  here to help people building a specifically enduring and fatigue-resistant professional attitude to meet the tough software challenge. Stamina, as you see it in the dictionary,  is not only about physical power, it combines to that moral, and mental capacity so that all mix together to render endurance. This is what you, wherever you stand in the software domain, need to inject into your professional character.

I leave you here, to discover more about this endeavor, and See how it can benefit you and your team and probably your organization. I'll try to make some update weekly for the current stage.

I'd be more than glad to listen to what you say: comments on the videos through YouTube, mails to me through the address you see in the "Contact Us" section or comments that you can put on the Facebook group companion page: Techstamina News  The Pages are not interactive at the moment, but mind you, Techstamina is currently the work of a 64 years developer: that's me! Reading a book or two about the tool (Joomla!)  and how to DIY in graphics and video was not far from reach to the old chap.

Wish Techstamina some good luck!

See you.

Medhat Sabry