The Mission

Techstamina is dedicated to software people to help them face the increasing challenge in this wonderful but pressing career. Techstamina's message is launched over this site as a channel to impart a flow of ideas, thoughts, writings, lectures and videos directed to people in the software process, no matter of the job type or level.

Techstamina’s content comes in  three sub-channels, in a fashion that the founder has laid out under the title of Triple P’s  for People, Process and Project.

The main theme behind all content material and services conveyed through Techstamina is about software people’s energy and stamina. Every effort was, and will be, exerted to either select or create content that hits the difficult situations and answers the critical questions that we all face in software Projects and Process as software people: hence the Triple P’s (People - Project - Process). What we are after is to do what we do better, more enjoyably and less stressfully.

Believing in that software is primarily People, Techstamina is a People-centric way of practicing the software career. Seeing people in the hub of this challenging, and challenged, process is the first step to relieve their worries, leverage their performance, and hence enhance the quality of their products and the fulfillment of the this industry as a whole.