The founder wants to talk to You!

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A warm welcome to you, being here in Techstamina.

My talk is about You, me and Techstamina ...

Well, my name is Medhat Sabry, I’ve been in software for 40 years or a little less now, enough to engage almost with everything in the software development process. And, I intend to stay there till my last breath. I define myself as  an enthusiast-pro, kind of. So,  if you’re like me, in software for living, as a pro I mean, Techstamina is for you.

I'll make a little assumption about you! Actually: by being here, I assume you are like myself, someone  indulged in software as a profession, one way or another. And You can be literally anyone, at any level in the process: you may be, one of those warriors  on the ground (developers and  systems engineers), I mean those doing analysis, design, coding, testing at any level, or you can be a leader; someone who leads others in the process: a PM, a scrum master, a Tech Lead, or even total organization leader. The theme is that I designed Techstamina to cover the widest area of intersection of interests of all software people alike, of course with some verticalities  as we go. Techstamina is a place we can all get around.

So, rest assured that Techstamina is for you!

One more thing, Techstamina sees people not only as individuals, but also as  “software teamers” . In our jargon, a "teamer" is  any of the aforementioned , not from the perspective of the self or the specific role, but from the team membership and relations perspective instead.