Paragdigm Shifts in Business

What's a Paradigm in the first place?

Simply put, a paradigm is a set of concepts, thoughts and values representing a pattern of thinking for a given community of people about something they share. This pattern usually enjoys constancy for some good time in the mindset of this community that adopts it. So, business paradigms are our fixed thoughts about business that we have believed in for quite sometime. 

No one can deny that the decade from the end of the 1900’s to the beginnings of the  2000’s, till today, has witnessed a dramatic change in pace in business, technology and, accordingly, human life. Being in software, puts you in the midst of the wake in this new hectically changing atmosphere, and Techstamina believes that you can’t toughen up  your professional character without understanding how Business has gone Unusual. And that’s exactly the message of this channel.

Business As Unusual, is where Techstamina is following up "paradigm" shifts affecting the way we are doing business in general, and commercial software development in particular, and finally our careers and lives. Actually, the slogan  “Business As Unusual” was coined by Techstamina’s founder to signify the new business mood profoundly impacting human life with the advent of a new century.


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