The Makeup of Your Striking Force: Re-engineer Your Developers


Here is another promised proposal from  Techstamina in the Big Trio of Leadership, Developership and  Teammateship.

Another unconventional approach to preparing your developers to meet their professional challenge in a way that impacts their Quality, Productivity and Loyalty.

Two things make this approach in training unique:

  1. It's neither pure technical nor pure soft skills. It represents a well- tuned mixture of both targeted on building the mature professional character for any individual who has chosen the software as a career, helping him/her to acquire a well matched set of skills and values that help him/her distinct in the tough career, do what she/he is doing better and probably more enjoyably.
  2. It’s by software people and to software people. That gives it the edge in addressing pains, problems as well as tips and solutions that are right from the field. No generalization, no assumptions.

Who should be Interested?

  • Software SMB’s (Small to Mediums Businesses) owners and executives who suffer the phenomena of turnover, and are willing to reduce this. This kind of training tackles the problem, among others issues, by leveraging the maturity of our striking forces, that is our developers. Turnover is certainly  rooting to the immature and hence unstable nature of those in the development field, especially the younger ones. Thus re-engineering the developers professional attitude is the right way to fight the pains of  turnover and keep it to the sane minimum.
  • Any professional in the field who would seek to know more about that character of the professional developer. You may be some senior professional who wants to re-engineer a bit of his/her own professional attitude, or maybe trying to understand more about those younger ones whom he/she leads.
  • An HR specialist in the software development filed, with enough passion to understand more about the mindset of those talents he/she is hired to serve, nourish and sustain in a keen trial to reduce his/her company’s turnover.
  • And, probably, you may be a developer, coming as a lone wolf or within a group! Seeking to better your value by looking at what makes you distinct from others in an any employment opportunity.

Your Expectations

Through approximately fifteen hours of teaching, coaching and dialoguing, your people (if you’re a company), or yourself (if you are an  individual learner) should expect:

  • To come up with definition for the challenges in the software development career. You may have already formulated your own overall picture of that, but reformulating this in a clear professional way is very helpful in weighing those difficulties the proper way, as a first step to lay down effective tactics get over them.
  • To get your hands on the skills and the tips that make up the distinctive developer personality. This has a great impact on one’s productivity, morale and behavior that guarantees success in any employment relationship, from both the employer and the employee points of views.
  • Be able to plan your roadmap along your career for continuous improvement and value leveraging.

Content Outline

The course is designed in two modules, normally distributed on three learning days.

 The First Module is dedicated to a thorough discussion on our Challenges At The Workplace. Participants get their grips on the subject in a sort of “venting” discussion, through which the hurdles in this challenging career are reformulated in their minds in a pragmatic way as a first step to define their factual and unexaggerated impact on their careers and lives. That way, people are in a position to build a strategy to eliminate, take up, fight or sometimes just tame these hurdles depending on their natures. Building such tactics is the subject of the second module.

The Second Module takes the learner, through six well-selected practical topics, to build a positive in-depth set of tactics to meet the challenges of the profession as presented in the first module, so that he/she stays motivated and capable under all types of situations he/she may see during his/her practice as a software developer.


The FoundationFirst Topic  in the Second Module discusses the Foundations or Professionalism.

In this context, we define attributes that make a developer such a distinguished and sought after professional in the  craft. We point out the benefits of that and draw a generic roadmap for building such a bright career.

 The Second Topic is a concise but innovative view to Software Quality.

Quality in SoftwareActually, the mature professional character is based on competence in what one does, as its seed. And Quality of what one does is the “proof of truth” to his/her competence. That’s why this topic should receive a priority in building a genuine professional value. A new postulate about quality in an innovative craft like development is presented, together with an articulation for the toolkit that’s needed by the individual/team/organization to realize it and enjoy its privileges. This topic is a proven way to embed the notion of quality  into our working minds. This “embedding” should receive the priority before  examining any other quality boosters through the system engineering or the process engineering well-known techniques. That’s what People Re-engineering is all about.


Working Under Pressure

The Third Topic is about one of the most associated phenomenas with the lives of software people: Working Under Pressure

Once we understand more about the sources, types and natures of the pressures we meet in today’s ecosystem of developing business applications, we shall be able to tame them, circumvent them in some times or even, if that is not possible, to take them with minimal impact on our morale, hence our lives and careers. This is the subject of this very popular topic to all developers, or even any software workers in general let me say.


TThe Magic Of Teaminghe Fourth Topic  is about The Magic Of Teaming.

Unlike many other treatises on that most frequently chewed topic of Teaming, the focus here is on the “magic” of teaming rather than just “teaming”. This magic is nothing but that intangible value of people when they collaborate with a spirit that makes them synergize. A totally new tangible approach to the intangible phenomena of teaming, the energy approach, redefines teaming magic more tangibly. This is a shortcut to instill the team values into developers minds and henceforth get away from many of the teaming maladies that hide behind a lot of performance impediments in any organization.

The Mysteries Of CodingThe Fifth Topic is about Coding: Our Challenging Obscure Activity

Here we discuss coding as an intensively cognitive activity that finally renders requirements into “working” high quality computer programs. Once the developer gets hands on the nature of this exhaustive activity, how it happens inside the brain (briefly) and what it takes to get done the best way with least regression and impact on one’s health and psyche, he/she will be able to deliver better quality with less stress on his/her human structure. That simply means not only a gain in quality, but also in productivity along with.  The newness in this treatment is that it’s not actually restricted to coding per se, it generalizes the idea to any intensively cognitive activity that transforms information from some natural informal format to a more formal and programmable one. This happens from requirements gathering, through design, implementation and even testing. Coding is the just the clearest example of all.

Boredom - The Silent Killer!The Sixth Topic is about Boredom: Killing our Number One Morale Killer!

Believe it or not, Boredom is one of the most annoying phenomenas that hide behind turnover especially for the newbie. Younger people are learning-thirsty and that’s why they get sick and tired easily to the extent that they leave to other companies, to still face the same problem again and again. In this topic we “define” roles between the Developer, Leader and Organization to play a tough game against this phenomena, beat it and reduce people nagging and fleeing, probably to the same fate just somewhere else! Everybody should get his/her share in the fight. That’s a very interesting episode in any developer's life.

And finally, The Unplanned Module

This is nothing but the one that gathers up throughout dialoging along with instructing as time permits, as well as after closing of the proceedings. I, with the colleagues that joined the experience, have always found that to be a very rich source of mutual exchange of experience, together with some professional fun.

Availability and Inquiries

Whether you are Company or an Individual looking for more information, or Asking for A Demo on the whole concept please write to:

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