Techstamina's People Re-engineering Package

To get the full benefit of the content here, please make sure that you are aware of the concept of People Re-engineering and how it impacts performance of people and organizations alike.

Not to impose a point, but repeated experiences increasingly embark on the same conclusion: understanding the value of Human Capital in cognitive work is the passage to sustained success in the age of knowledge-based economy, where creativity, innovation and competence prevail as the key values to distinct.

Even if you are an individual, and You must believe in yourself as your own human capital.

The ideas that ignited my passion to build Techstamina kept my momentum to take accumulated experiences to a wider scope of my professional circles, I mean the software development communities particularly SMB’s and Individuals whom I think would miss a lot if they don’t catch up with People Re-engineering and Human Capital wave one way or another. And Techstamina is my own way.

Techstamina started to have its input to unconventional training and consulting  by providing three main courses targeting the three basic “forces” driving the development process, look at the first figure modeling the development organization just below  to realize who these are.

First Model

Now let's turn to a second model just below depicting a subtly different model of the software organization, if you are observant enough you see that suffix “ship” introduced  to the three pillars of the organization. What I meant here is something a little bit beyond the professional attribute of individuals or teams, that was depicted by the previous figure.  Actually this figure tells you about a stage that has “attributes” instilled in an organization’s bones that denote that classy performance on the three pillars of its delivery.

Second Model

Techstamina's service package to support that Big Trio of Leadership-Developership-Teammateship with training and more will be listed in that table below, as they come to being.

Stay tuned, things change here!


October 27, 2016