Building Capacity is a buzzword that grabbed organizations' attention for decades. Just great,  that's essential , but! Now Time has come to speak Building Loyalty  ahead. Defining loyalty is a challenge on its own. More challenging is charting a safe and sure course to reach it. We usually take folkloric ideas to do that which often, and particularly under contemporary changes, take us nowhere.

Software People: Please Think Human Capital.


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November 24, 21

Hi Guys, 

I've updated the contents for this course a bit.

Here is an updated preview.

There is more to say about the content. I'll keep you posted.

See you soon



This is the birth of a new section in Techstamina!

It’s been there for a while as “under construction” or “coming soon” signs, but now it started its take off with new meaningful content.

Actually, in my continuous trial to avail the content of the site  to you in the easiest and most accessible way, I’ve added this section that will put the last update on the top. Let me elaborate a bit more.

This is a little more than the “Last Update” Item that you find below in the “Welcome to Techstamina” Module, which is a “log of updates” sort of thing. In contrast, here in this new module I shed some light on the “theme” that Techstamina takes in its most recent publications, then I direct you with links and probably some advice to what could be most interesting of that. So, it’s more than just a log of updates here on the site.

So, expect this section to be a dynamic one, with a menu that changes from time to time to cope with the new site.