October 11, 2021

Writing good code is much like composing beautiful music, we got a language in both and use constructs to express nice notes which are in the end "customer's requirements to come true".
Avoiding cacophony here is important, and harmonizing structures to be well understood by musician who will finally play it,is never less important.
Keep that in mind and write beautiful code.

September 15, 21

The most challenging, and telling in the same time, experience for a software company is when it uses its in-house developed products for automating its own processes as far as that can be. That's when a company appears as the number one customer in its reference list.
Harsh but very true!

September 14, 21

Rest assured that you will not be able to effect any substantial change or transformation in your organization, be that the digital or the agile one or you name it before your are done with the Management-to-Leadership transformation first. This is the only guarantee that  any other "leap"  can take effect safely and almost seamlessly.



 September 12, 2021

In the good old calm-paced days, humans believed that "Need is the mother of invention".
That's no longer the case.
Today it's become "Innovation is the father of need".
Back to your machine, and try to come back with something new!


A fresh quote for the day!

The Two Essential Leadership Equations:

Management = Planning + Supervision + Control (1)
Leadership = Positive Energy + Management (2)

M.S  - September 8, 21


Coming >>>
Who should benefit most:
•Software development companies decision makers,
•Software development managers,
•Project managers,
•Technical leaders, And
• Anyone along the software production line that feels a drive to learn ways that render his/her role in the process more effective and rewarding.
For details, write to me at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lesson learned sessions should be made an integral ritual of the development cycle. Actually, they are indispensable to turn on a continuous improvement course. For one thing they give the team the most valuable chance for knowledge generation. For another they enhance the team’s ability to reduce its development cycle in future projects.
Be it a successful or even failing projects, never make them a chance for finger pointing in anyway. Always replace “Me” or “You” by “We”.

M.S August 10, 2021

No one in this industry can claim professional unless he/she is well aware of what WIP is and the role it plays in the success of any software developing unit.
Look at this video, now!
M.S April 29, 2021.


What's really needed in DX times to survive the disruptive environment?
See the the quote dated Jan 17.
See you.

One more time, It's been very long since I came down to Techstamina!
First of all, happy new year, and I wish you all are in good health, making it through the storm.
This time, I've some plans for you in 2021, I can say,
So, until it all brews soon, look at my last quote at Quotes section here.
See you.

It's been a long time this time folks.
The art of advice in leadership.
See the quote dated today.

Real happiness, in reality.
See the quote dated September 11 20.
See you.

The most critical career question that we must ask to ourselves.
See the quote on the date.
M.S - August 25 16 2020

Effective learning is just like breathing. Together, they keep us alive.

Keep it up guys.


M.S - August 20, 2020

For newly promoted leaders: What it means and what it takes to be a leader.
See the quote of the date
M.S - July 16 2020

It's been a long time since my last writing here!
I can't imagine that I'm writing everywhere and leaving my beloved cozy place in the cyberspace that long.
Here I'm back with that Recipe for those who want to lead a software team.
See the latest quote.
See you
M.S - July 8 2020

Knowing the value of what you're doing is the first step to love it!
One of the truest speculations I read recently simply states that "In just a couple of years to come, every company will become somehow a software company".
Some years ago (in 2012), when I built techstamina, I've defined my vision here at that link:  

M.S - Apr 15 2020

My Corona master lesson, so far.
See the quote of the sate.
M.S - Apr 8 2020

Hi Everybody,
I'm not much of Corona stuff. I just take the precautions the best that can be and keep working most of the time from home.
One more little hint: Cause I love what I do, I think that good work is good for my immunity system.
Here you get another quote: The Lead time is the door to their heart of ...
See the quote of the day.
Stay safe.
M.S - Mar 24 2020

Markets are  living creatures ...
See my latest quote on the date.

The great trio in your career, see the quote on the date.


When you get a promotion ...
This three fold advice should precede congrats.
One - Getting that step forward in your career is a good opportunity to spot the good things you have done to make them even better. Keep improving.
Two - if your responsibility embraces more of other colleagues, especially if that is your first encounter with leading others, make sure that you have the guts to motivate others, in every project and every situation, to make their lives and output better. "Others" is the entry point to true leadership.
Three - If you are still not in a leading position, remind yourself that your are yet a leader to a team of ONE, one that is hardest to lead ever: That is YOU! Keep a track of self-leading to show better quality and craftsmanship.
Then, congrats!

It's time to see it differently, I mean Quality!

See the date's quote.


In today's business, new rules set a new game. See the name of the of the game in quote of the date.



Bored at work? Doing the same thing several time? Here is the fact and the way to therapy, in one line.

See the quotes


An All-in-one easy to remember definition for Quality: easy to remember, challenging to achieve!

See the latest quote.


The four challenges in Team Leading. See the top-of-the-stack quote.

See you.


 Something on every organization chart that needs to be revised!

See the thought in the day's quote.


Watch the Sign (+, -) of your attitude.

See the quote of the date.


The essence of Agility.

See the quote

Have a nice "Year".


 Hi Everybody, and a Great 2020 for you all!

I'd just like to express my deepest gratitude for all those who have afforded the time to see me here at Techstamina all those past years.

Now, it's time for some revamp.

See you in 2020, God willing.



The right mixture for leadership.

See the quote of the date.



Let's talk Innovation

See the quote.


A quote from a historical guest this time.

For eminent readers Only

See you.


Here I'm again!

Today  Holacracy replacing bureaucracy and Holarchy replacing hierarchy is a must for an agile organization!

What's that?

See the latest quote.




Are you aware of the difference between Job  and  Career?

Are you, still, aware of the difference between Career Builders and Job Snatchers?

Look for that on this long quote or short article!

See you.


We all like appreciation.
Here is a fact that you should appreciate!

See the latest quotes.


Are you saying "Business As Usual"?
See the latest quote.


The three classes of software organization, which one to seek?
See today's quote.


The truth about Quality.
See that quote, and stay tuned.


Silicon Valley is replacing Hollywood with new Stars, products and rules of the game.

Find about this new move in the post modernity in the latest quote.


I call it the "Design Mona Liza"!

The design rule of all things, all times:

"Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication".

It's by Leonardo Da Vinci, by the way.


I'm telling you a secret this morning!

Decades ago, the big west (U.S) once invaded the global culture with film making, right?

Now it's doing it with "Tech Making".

Gates, Jobs, Musk and so on are the new Peck, Quinn, Pacino, De Niro (and you name him/her) ...

Silicon Valley is the new Hollywood!

A rebirth for a new industry Invading the hearts, the minds, the pockets and even the bodies.

Stay tuned.


When performance gets miserable!

Look at that quote, coming out just today.


One single reason to avoid for all failures!

See the latest quote.


That's what makes the difference!

See my latest quote.

See you.


The Tail of The Three Ships

See this latest quote on techstamina. It tells a lot, in just a coupe of lines.

See you.


September 24, 2019 

Here we are again!

I just made little changes in the docking page hare so I can update faster and you can get to what you want more directly.

For today, we have new simple but quite true and telling quote. Go to quotes and see the one of the date.

N.B. Coming to you soon on Organizational Loyalty. Just some debates made me rethink it a bit.

See you, guys.


September 15, 2019 I wrote:

Hi guys!

"Building Organizational Loyalty" is getting hotter with some right-out of the field experiences recently. Coming back to you soon.



August 28, 2019, Here I'm back guys!

This time it's a little quote that opens a wide subject which I think was left behind for quite some time, thinking it's either something of the past or sometimes it just happens naturally on the go.

That's Organizational Loyalty

Take a look on the last quote in techstamina.

See you.


See this little video too.

June 1 2019, I wrote:

Teaming is far beyond what it actually receives from most leaders, particularly under the  challenges and the pressures of learning and execution imposed by digital transformations. 

Here is a new perspective to the teaming process in the industry, actually a more vivid and paying one that I could distill from my own experience as well as examining other extraordinary experiences in the industry.

This is simply how to change the teaming effect from a power into a magical effect in not just work lives, but even in the personal lives and human well-being of the  members of a team.

Read This Article The Magic of Teaming.

Feel free to discuss there onsite, then if you lead why not give it a try?

See you Guys.



May 19, 2019, I wrote:

It's been too long this time before I get back to Techstamina.

It was a crunch of learning and teaching commitments that took me away all that long, and I'm not going to take you that deep into details, I just wanted apologize to Techstamina and you for that. It shouldn't happen again that long, actually.

For that, and as my learning and teaching commitments will go on maybe  to the end of the year, I'm rethinking a leaner and more  efficient way of updating the site.

I'll be back soon with some simple and effective ideas.

Thanks everybody.



January 17, 2019


It's always goals vs powers!

Get the first quote in 2019.

See you .



Hi guys,

Here We are: It's 2019.

Catch the word in this tiny video!




December 16, 2018, here is my message:

We make a big mistake when we think that there is such thing as "There is one leadership for all"!

Leading a special forces unit is different form directing a movie picture. Both involve leadership in its own way. Though there are commonalities , of course, the differences in pace, reactions and decision overtake the common part of what we call "Leadership".

Actually, Leadership is a direct function of the people it affects. And people's moods, tendencies, motives and mindsets are highly affected by the type of work they do. This sets forth a challenge when determining the best techniques to lead people in different crafts, missions or professions. Coming from the wake of Software Development and staying there that long, I've formulated my many findings I saw and fostered into a passion for "Leading Software People", which came to be, with the digital revolution, "Leading Software Teams in The Digital Transformation Era". And now , I teach, train, evaluate and tailor styles to enhance that critical ingredient of success to the software organization: Leading its teams. If you share the passion, or seek support in determining the real potential of your organization's team leaders (and higher) write to me here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 My word to you December 2018

First of all here is a link to a long awaited article: 

From Warfare to Outsourced Software Development


July 26, 2018 I wrote:

From  The Generational Divide In The Workplace! The coming article in Techstamina.

We, Technology People, lie in the focus of change in everything that is happening today, tomorrow and maybe till some sort of apocalypse takes over human civilization. “Generations” in anything we do or make are counting faster than ever, so why not counting in “Us”? Actually, We cross generations in the workplace faster than any industry or any other social structure one would think of. So we are more exposed to the backfire of Generational Divide than other social or business structures. 

It was promised in July. Here it comes next Sunday 29th. Actually, it took me longer than I thought, trying to gather experiences from bits and pieces of daily practices   into one solid content that I hope you find useful.

See you.


July 10, 2018 I wrote:

Maturity is essential to lead. Look at today's quote.


July 2, 2018 I Wrote:

People Re-engineering is the concept that as I sculpted as a proven strategy to meet the "People Challenge" in the Digital Transformation endeavor for software development Organizations.

In this third article in the series I discuss how PRE (People Re-engineering) recruits Leadership within its threads to reach reap the benefits of the Human Capital view of the business.

Please note: Leadership is not just a management under disguise!

See you.



July 2, 2018 I Wrote:

People Re-engineering is the concept that as I sculpted as a proven strategy to meet the "People Challenge" in the Digital Transformation endeavor for software development Organizations.

In this third article in the series I discuss how PRE (People Re-engineering) recruits Leadership within its threads to reach reap the benefits of the Human Capital view of the business.

Please note: Leadership is not just a management under disguise!

See you.


June 27, I Wrote:

Two Process anomalies we often overlook to degrade our teams performance on the long run.

See this twin-article series on the process section.

It's provoking!


June 13, 2018 I wrote:

Harness differences in the team!

See the latest quote. It happened to me really!

See you.


May 30, 2018 I wrote:

Two software process anomalies that have long been overlooked by software organizations.
A two article series I started in the process section.

Go and get the first "favorite" anomaly for software people now.

See You.



May 7, 2018 I wrote:

If your are a leader of leaders, avoid paling of your leaders' effectiveness, just by reviving these two almost forgotten practices.

Read this latest article in the People section: Leading your Leaders: The Two Almost Forgotten Organizational Practices



April 12, 2018 I wrote:

"Tsunamic " is a bizarre term, not yet in Oxford dictionary! I'm using it, irreplaceably, in this though. See this critical last quote.


April 10, 2018 I wrote:

I've always seen that confusion between practice and experience. In my opinion, they are not the same, and we need to differentiate to avoid some business miopia.

See the difference in the latest quote.

See you, guys.


March 27, 2018 I wrote

Have your started rethinking what challenges you will meet with your "people" in the digital transformation times?  Or you're thinking "microservices", "AI based data analytics", "Agile IS"  and so on .... Only?

If you need to brainstorm your People Transformation Strategy for the digital era, here is one that can share some ideas: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. drop a line there, and we can do it!


March 24, 2018 I wrote:

Back from war, actually!

Look at the latest quote, to seem something of the early lessons.


February 8, 2018 I wrote:

Here is another forthcoming offering to software people comrades:

A Software Development HR senior team member/leader who is still haunted by the plain old stuff of job pays and perks and (maybe) soft skills alone?

Get ready to leave behind some of the folklore and delve into a more people-centric daring school of thought in tackling software people issues the way that TMT era mandates!

Attend this Free two hours session I'm planning second half of March 2018:

The Key to Understand and Handle People Issues


Software Development  Teams

Details will follow by mail , just register at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will get the details about  the event as they are finalized. First come, first served.

see you.


January 26, 2018 I wrote:

Taming  The Software Development Pressures

This is the  three-hours Free Crash Course I'm planning for software people, basically software developers: Juniors/Seniors and Team Leaders.

If you are interested to join, mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., state your current position and why you'd like to join!

The course will be in Cairo, tentatively sometime during February 2018. First come, first served.

Joiners will be mailed with further detail as they grow.

See you, guys!


On January 8, 2018 I wrote:

 Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian genius of the 19th Century, set this rule help software team leaders of today!

See this quote of today.


On January 2, 2018 I wrote:

Happy new year everybody.

I opted to start this year by something that every software manager (leader is a better title if truly she/he is) should remember to to keep his/her team up and productive.

Read the latest quote, please.

See you.


On December 4, 2017 I wrote:

Leadership has its "Cancer! 

Take a look on that dreadful latest quote!


On November 13, 2017 I wrote:

The three Pillar Missions of the software organization continuous improvement:

1 – Tactical Leadership: Develop others

2 – Developers: Self-improvement = Self-leading

3 – Strartegic Leadership (Executives) : Business Ecosystem improvement.

That’s what I preach, teach and practice, under People Re-engineering theme.


On October 30, 2017 I wrote:

The value of simplicity in half a line. 

Read the latest quote.


On October 23, 2017 I wrote:

Here is my most direct and telling KPI to gauge someone's leadership.

Just look at the latest quote on the site.

See you.


On September 13, 2017 I wrote:

Today is our day, the international programmers' Day.
Let's take a moment and remind our selves with this:

Our vision, our mission, our value ...


On September 7, 2017 I wrote:

Nagging of Boredom at what you do? WRONG!

Cause there is always BETTER, there is always FASTER!

If there is such things as Boredom, 100 meter runners would have stopped at 10 seconds!


Exploring Mars wouldn't be a reality, and landing on the moon would have been enough!

Limited imagination is behind boredom, buddy.

Join me in the upcoming "Living and Excelling as A Software Developer in The Knowledge Age".

Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get updated with details.


On August 30, 2017 I wrote:

Very few  of  juniors of today are lucky enough to  receive true support from their employers to help them design a realistic career development course. The bad thing is that even if you find some employers who care to offer help there,  they are always minded with either of the two ends of the spectrum: Technical competence and/or Soft skills. Well and good, that's better than going just technical m anyways in a "Talent Intensive" industry  . Actually , there is a lot missing in this conventional approach to build the right career in software development. That’s what I intended to avail soon to the development community.

My first open lecture targeting mainly to help developers of all ranks is now, by the virtue of some interests I got from colleagues by mail, covering more that can interest leaders as well as HR people in the arena.

If you’d like to participate, please send a mail to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You will be contacted afterwards with details on timings and info on the content.


On August 27, 2017  I wrote:

Whether you are Junior or senior in development, rest assured that you are in no position to "lead others" sometime, unless you first become a competent "self-lead" professional. Join us on the upcoming event on

Living and Excelling as Software Developer in The Knowledge Age

There is a lot to know and discuss openly for a distinguished, well established development career. For Details write me at:




On August 6, 2017 I wrote:

How do I write the Quotes that you read here? Where do they actually come from?

Unless they are by (and signed) another sayer, which is rare here, these are my very personal, dear and genuine experiences. They ray from the deepest engagements with people, projects, processes and life on the whole, those I've encountered in my long and still active career. I find it a wonderful experience to distill them into those shiny little phrases that you read along.

In many cases, like what happens in arts (well, I'm  myself an artist in part), I get inspired by a daily situation sparking an idea for one of those short phrases, and I tell you the truth, it becomes a hell of a pressure on my mind until that comes out loud somehow, mainly here, or sometimes on Techstamina News and/or my LinkedIn Profile first. They find their shorter ways on the media first in rare cases, mainly when I'm in the middle of another story and wish not to let the idea go while the site gets updated. Ideas, especially good ones, leave you so swiftly if you don't fasten a good grip on them. But in all cases, they must rest in their repository on this site.

This is what I wished to tell you, so far, about Techstamina Quotes.

Now, go and get this new little one. It just popped into my mind an hour ago, getting some preaches from someone, who really inspired me with that.



On July 19, 2017 I wrote:

It's been a long time, guys!

That wasn't a holiday, that's something big for my age that's taking me most. Details later.

Anyways, here is a new quote (see it in left-side menu): Process meets Leadership.

See you.


On May 26, 2017 I wrote:

You may have heard about "neurosis", but this is your first time I'm sure you hear about "Toolosis". This is a programmer's disease that I discovered especially in our juniors. Know about it in the latest quote here in techstamina. Understanding it is essential to fight that pain in the back called Boredom with development tasks.

See you.


On May 14, 2017 I wrote:

With what's going on momentarily on the cyberspace, here is a reminder of how everyone of us must see software today: Techstamina's vision

On May 10, 2017 I wrote:

Something on the spur of the moment, but I think will last!
Softwarriors! This is the name that I’ll be giving to people in deep indulgement in software development, and in fierce engagement with its projects.
Welcome, fellow softwarriors!


On May 7, 2017 I wrote:

For OOPS people only!

Unless we produce utmost Quality software, i.e nearest to perfect, we will be just be “reusing our failures”!

Reusability has redefined quality. Period.


On May 3, I wrote:

Interviewing a junior was something that I've always liked, but why?

See the answer in that latest event.


 On Apr 25, 2017 I wrote:

People Re-engineering is my passion!

I coined the term to denote a set of doable tactics  threading through the software development organization, aimed at improving performance while leveraging the well-being of  people doing today's most gratified mission to the humankind: software development. Here are the two first public publications on the subject. The first article flies over the concept in an introductory way, while in the second I proceed to some details on its How-to's:

Article 1 - The Concept

Article 2 - How-to's: Mentoring As A Service

Send me what you think at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See you


On Apr 20, 2017 I wrote:

Hi Guys,

Just a little reminder: if you don't tune up your development process with this little advice in today's quote, you are in true danger.
Go and take a look.


On Apr 11, 2017 I wrote:

This morning, I was more in the mood of a warrior with what I do in software development. I came to this little conclusion ...

See it in today's Quote.


On Apr 6, 2017 I wrote:

Except in few cases, whenever I bought, or at least considered, some newer model of some gadget, I feel like I'm hitting richer hardware with less robust software than the previous version!

This is a clear sign of a "Software Crisis". Period.


On Mar 31, 2017 I wrote:

One post ago on this page, I talked to you about the major clue of success in producing good software. Here is the rationale:

For one thing, that represents the most vigorous testimonial for the usability of your product.

Secondly, good software must break the barriers with its users quickly, and when it does they become more familiar with it, and when they become, they dig for more functionality and usefulness in the piece of software they use. This is exactly when they get to use it better than its makers. I've witnessed many cases, indeed.


On Mar 30, 2017 I wrote:

What the ultimate in making a good piece of software? Read the latest quote ...


On Mar 24, one more time,  I wrote:

Let me add one advice to the one I talked about in that post here.
If you have that self-commitment then you fit for it: go ahead and take it. But start to build it for the good of the whole, not just the self.
Leadership does not come in a course! It could start there, but it is a long journey of daily practice and persistence on improvement.


On Mar 24, 2017 I wrote:

I'm happy!
The first time since long to feel good about a young man/woman's understanding to his/her role as leader. One young colleague says through his media presence that he's being offered a leadership role and he doesn't feel he is yet ready to play it. I know the man in person, and I'm confident of his technical competence. What made me happy in the story is that this young man, in one word, realizes that leading is not a promotion/advantage, it's on the contrary a responsibility/commitment. The discussion that rolled on on his post reflected a lot that need to be told to his peers and probably their employer.
We will come back to that. 
in detail.


On Mar 23, 2017 I wrote:

When you hire a fresh grad, you are in the stance to help him/her learn. But sometimes when you are hiring people of "some experience", you might find yourself in a position to help them “unlearn” some of what they know and/or do.


On Mar 22, 2017 I wrote

An advice to the juniors joining this industry ...

Look for the employer that helps you build a career, and NOT just gives you a job. 

You remain with the question: How can I know?

This is our subject not far from now, guys!


On Mar 9, 2017 I wrote:

Hey, Look at this latest quote please. This is an abstract of a talk that I just gave a couple of days ago on "The key to Understanding all People-related Issues in the Software Organization of Today". The image here is just a slide from the talk. Read the stuff first, then look deeply into that "biology" of the software organization. I'm sure you will get some ideas there.

Keep tuned, the stuff is getting hotter in People Re-engineeringand together we may make a real change.

See you, guys from all generations!


On Mar 5, 2017 I wrote:

It's been quite sometime from the last post here.

Well, I'm right into the wake for Techstamina: More findings, more material are down the way: that's why.

One thing that I wanted to share with you is this pic! It looks like C, not only my favorite but the "mother of all modern" syntax, has gone to Pharma, too!

Could that be a Vitamin for robustness, or a kind of "antibug-otic"? Whatever, C is still there alive and potent as we are inventing more and more languages and look-alikes. 

See you.



On Feb 9, 2017 I wrote:

Technology is good for solving problems. But without a well-tuned process to tame it, it could just turn into one more complexity added to development. Both technology and the embracing process are worthless if not in the hands (and brains) of the right people. Read my latest quote about the biggest pitfall when we think of our people in development teams.

More will come on People Re-engineering.


On Feb 5, 2017 I wrote:

Here is a new quote, not mine this time. Look at this insight from that big mind in performance improvement craft (and sciences), about People Re-engineering or something very close to its concept, maybe years before I started to reformulate the concept and put together the bits and pieces that make it up.

See the latest quote in Techstamina.

See you.


On Feb 2, 2017 I wrote:

The site was down for quite some time today. A very weird experience since I hosted it.

I strongly recommend that you hook up with me on this Facebook group for situations like that: Techstamina News.

Send a request now. It'll help.

See you.


On Jan 26, 2017 I wrote:

Mentorship is a treasure of experience. Read the latest quote here for a quick hint.

More is on the way, under the same umbrella of People Re-engineering!


On Jan 21, 2017 I wrote:

I'm still, and will be for some good deal of time and effort, haunted by that theme of People Re-engineering!

And as I once said, this is my passion till the end of the career! 


Look guys, we are an industry which doubles its people every 5 years. This simply means that no less half of us are fresh grads with no or limited ground experience. We are blessed by the energy of the younger ones, but some complaints of their lack of discipline are raised by some industry experts too, with whom I don't share this view. I see that as a need for support for the younger ones that considers "changes in human culture" with time.

Leaving this unsolved is called by some industry great minds a phenomena of Perpetual Inexperience. It propagates infecting our quality in what we do, our morale, our productivity and satisfaction.

I'll be back on that, hopefully soon enough. Working hard, anyways!


On Jan 10, 2017 I wrote:

Just seen & touched!

The sleekest technology and the most established process in trembling hands is nothing but a disaster!

Look for the solution here:  People Re-engineering 



On Jan 6 (early), 2017 I wrote:

War looks to have become on wires, across the ether, and not terrains, waves or winds! The claimed Russian attack on the U.S Cyberspace proves it.

The Hearing of National Intelligence before a Senate Armed Services Committee on foreign cyber threats, a couple of hours ago, testifies that the role played by software has gone beyond limits. Here is how I described this in Techstamina's Mission.

The big thing in the context of the hearing was the need to "recruit talents" for the mission, leaving us with the impression that software talents will be enlisted as the Aces or the "Blue Crossers" of the knowledge age.

There is more of that coming on the shoulders of you: Software People!

Get ready, guys.


On Jan 5, 2017 I wrote:

My first quote in 2017 is about our maturity.

Click on the latest quote just to the left.

And recall this link: People Re-engineering 


On Dec 31, 2016 I wrote:

Getting ready for celebration of some kind? enjoy it!

Here beside click for the last quote from Techstamina before kissing 2016 a goodbye!

Happy new year, all.


On Wed Dec 28, 2016 I wrote (one more time):

In an industry where half the people are renewed every year with an average age of less than 30, we have the advantage of tremendous energy and enthusiasm poured into those cubicles, together with the challenge of maturity and discipline. Here is my way to meet the challenge, published for the first time outside here:

People Re-engineering Revisited

Take a look and engage!


On Wed 28, 2016 I wrote:

Techstamina News FaceBook Group is also yours. Until we get the site here more interactive, it servers the "dynamics" for Techstamina. You can comment there, plus you can see some ideas and previews as they pop up before they go to the publishing cycle here. 

It's one click away, go and get it!


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Something is brewing in Techstamina with the new year, or at least this is what I'm really passionate about  ...

Until I get back to you with that, see a new quote with the scent of the new year. So happy new year after all.


Still keeping these recommendations, if you haven't already seen them, till further notice

See you.


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Here is a new quote. See it on "latest quote".

I write them as they pop-up to me with things I do, read, or see. No problem to have that on a weekend. I enjoy exposing my mind to colleagues more than anything, actually!

Keep an eye on the recommended content, too:

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Good M.D.E Everybody!

(M.D.E is Morning/day/Evening depending on whenever you read this)

No much creation expected on the last day of the month!

However, inspired by the immortal complaint about boredom in development teams working on the same product for long, here is a quick advice for team leaders in the latest quote from Techstamina. Get it on top of the left-side menu here.

Still inviting you to take a look at the the Developership and Leadership Courses, as well as their underlying concept at:

And, If you are new to Techstamina, don't misss to join the community on the FaceBook group.


On Thu Nov 24, 2016


I started a discussion (in Arabic, because it's a cultural issue) on LinkedIn ...

Why not participate there: That's The Link!
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On Wed Nov 16, 2016

Here we are!

Software Owner, Executive or HR Guru? Tired of turnover? So what did you do for it?

Software Team Leader? Complaining of your men and women on the frontier? So, what Do You really know about them?

Developer? Feeling stressed to the bones at work, or bored by routine, or uncomfortable with a job and/or a Leader?

So, you'll find a lot of answers here in this course: Living and Excelling As A Software Developer.

No to forger these previously highlighted topics:


On Mon Nov 11, 2016

My very dear visitor,

Actually, the weekly quote from Techstamina intended every Monday has become a little bit "floating" along the week! The thing is I'm very busy putting the final touches the second in the Trio ( L, D, T) (Guess what is that and post me your catch on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you get what these letters stand for, you will deserve a mention here). 

Let me add a short article describing what 's coming along on the trio (L, D. T) to my recommendations to you, so far, until the full fledged article gets published:

Plus the older highlights as they stand:



Hi Everybody!

Here are some highlights:


November 11.2016

Hi guys!

Within our same context of People Re-engineering, here is the first in a row of Techstamina's unconventional training offerings. Re-engineer Your Leaders, The Power Hub of Your Delivery Process. Click here to link.

And for the first time, it's software development stuff from the inside out:, by Software People to Software People to meet Software Development challenges.

See you.


October 26, 2016

Hello Software Worriers!

(Just a little hint: I'm busy with some important stuff here that I think you will see of some value, so no quote for the week, at least for now - October 25, 2016)

People Re-engineering will be our theme for maybe months to come!

I urge you with all my heart to go and meet the concept at this article in the People Section.  


Then, there will be more on how to implement that in reality on the section “Get Ready For The Challenge”, which will be populated soon.

I’d be more than glad to hear from you at:

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 October 19, 2016